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The Narcissistic Sociopath: 15 Ways They Punish

May 2015 

names have been omitted in this post 


It was Friday evening… my daughter was back and I was looking forward to us spending time together. Her brightly hued tennis shoes sat by the front door where she had taken them off and hung her jean jacket. Dressed in dark leggings and a t-shirt with her school logo on it her beach blonde waves bounced around her face as she happily jumped up and down…

"I'm so glad to be back!" She exclaimed and I leaned down to hug her and caught a whiff of strawberry scented shampoo.

"I'm glad you're here! I have missed you. We have lots to catch up on." I smiled, my brown-green eyes sparkling at her.

I asked her if pancakes sounded good for dinner and she nodded enthusiastically. As we headed in the kitchen to retrieve syrup from the fridge along with eggs and milk to add to the Bisquick I spoke…

"So, hey… "I said as I grabbed a stainless steel mixing bowl off an open upper shelf "I wanted to ask you… I sent you a text every night this week at bedtime telling you goodnight. Did you get them?" I asked her.

She furrowed her brows and took a seat on the turquoise metal folding chair at the kitchen table nearby, watching me slowly pour Bisquick into a glass measuring cup.

"Nuh, uh… "She shook her head, meaning no. She tucked her hair behind her ears and then snapped the hair rubber band off her wrist to pull her hair into a ponytail instead. "I didn't get them. Daddy must be blocking your texts on my phone." She informed me. Thunder began rumbling in the distance to the west… severe thunderstorms were headed in our direction, warnings of more rain, heavy winds and possible flooding were possible as the weather channel gave us continual updates.

"Hmmm…" I replied as I cracked an egg and added it to the mixing bowl. "Have you talked to him about this? Because this isn't the first time this has happened. This is an ongoing thing." I told her.

"I have…" She sighed "But he always tells me stuff like well, your mother's phone must not be working… or it must be an internet problem… or something like that. He just lies." She shrugged.

"How does that make you feel? When he does that?" I asked her.

"Mad… " She replied in a dejected tone that pretty much implied she was beyond over him not being the parent he needed to be. Her tone conveyed it all. I could hardly blame her.

"You could just tell him that you know he's blocking the texts and call him on his behavior." I pointed out…  "You could tell him that you know what he's doing and you don't agree with him blocking your texts. I don't block his communication. He can call you anytime he wants on my phone… which he does."

"Because he'll get mad." She told me. Lightning flashed outside and the sky thundered.

"So? So what? He gets mad. " I shrugged.  "You're not responsible for how he feels." I pointed out. "You have a right to receive communication from the other parent… whoever you're with. He's the adult. You're the child and you shouldn't have to worry about whether he's mad or upset or whatever. You should be able to respectfully tell him that you know what he's doing, that he is overstepping one of your rights, one of your needs and you don't have to put up with it, period. You are a person not a piece of property." I told her, fed up with his manipulative childish shenanigans.

"I know!" She agreed "But he will get mad at me and yell at me!" She wailed.

"What's the worst thing that could happen?" I asked her, "If you stood up to him?"

"He could take my phone away and then I won't have any way to call you! Which he would do!" She exclaimed.

I exhaled and slowly poured some batter onto the hot skillet where it sizzled and began to set up… I set the bowl down and went to sit beside her in my knee length black leggings and oversized faded t-shirt. I slipped a bobby pin out of my hair re-adjusting it to hold the messy bun in place on my head... "You know what? It's important that you know how to set boundaries with people… regardless of whether they are family or not. Because there will be people in life who try to overstep what you want, what you need and just do what they want… learning to speak up for yourself is an important life skill sweet pea…" I explained to her gently… "It's not easy, but sometimes we have to do it. All of us, even grownups." We sat together and then I spoke "He is your dad. You must be respectful. Always. But you do have a right to speak up for what you need. The thing is… I get it that you don't want to do it. I understand that is where you're at right now… and in a way… that is totally okay. You're where you are and what you're comfortable with at this time. But it's so important to at least start thinking about what you could say… what you would say… just think about it, okay?" I asked her and gave her a hug.


Country singer Miranda Lambert sang the words...

"Can’t get revenge 

and keep a 

spotless reputation…"

That line may hold true for most folks but it seems for a narcissistic sociopath it is completely possible for them to do everything in their power to make you pay for breaking it off and yet he (or she) can appear completely innocent to the untrained eye of others.

The narcissistic sociopath is many things… he (or she) is someone who seeks image and materialism over giving and charity, ego over others, bragging over humbleness and more. But what the narcissistic sociopath truly loves, what he (or she) truly lives for is….


Ah, yes… the punisher.

When we break up with or divorce a narcissistic sociopath we erroneously believe that we are bringing the toxicity that we have endured for whatever length of time to an end. And in many ways we are… it's such a blessing as anyone knows who has lived with a crazy-maker to finally pull away from the driveway for one last time and sigh "That's behind me, thank God…. on to the new chapter." It's truth for anyone who has signed the divorce papers and said a prayer of thankfulness for having gotten out alive… it's sweet reality for the one who thankfully never has to bar the door again from the psycho they married because they are scared for their life… or not having to recoil from hurtful words anymore… or even worse nurse bruises or wounds from physical abuse… yes, when the ending finally arrives and the new chapter starts it is so incredibly freeing… but in some ways… especially where children are involved… the hell has just begun when we say "Goodbye".

Because the children become PAWNS. The children become the INSTRUMENT used to punish you. and yes… it works… it does punish you. Because one, it hurts you to see your children suffer. Because two, it frustrates you to no end to have to "deal" with the continuing crazy that the narc wields. But at the end of the day… it's your children that truly suffer… they are the ones who are truly punished.

How does he (or she) use the children as pawns? In what ways does the narcissistic sociopath punish?

Let's count the ways… there are so many… here are a few.

1. They block communication via phone, FaceTime, Skype, etc. They block texts, calls, etc.
2. They don't send back the children's medication, clothes, toys etc on exchange day.
3. They don't send you a health insurance card for the children.
4. They don't let you know about school plays, swim lessons, soccer games, doctor appts, etc.
5. They don't pay child support or it's always late.
6. They interrupt your phone calls or just hang up in the middle of your conversation.
7. They don't include your name in the school phone directory.
8. They don't include your information on the emergency card at the school.
9. They become involved way too soon with someone new and demand your child calls him or her mom/dad.
10. They grill your child about where you work, who you're dating, etc.
11. They keep trying to change the child custody schedule as they see fit and demand you agree or you won't see your children.
12. They keep threatening to seek full custody of the children.
13. They reply "Take me to court if you don't like it" when you voice reasonable dislike over their negative behavior.
14. They continue to bad mouth you to the children because you won't allow them to have the phone they (the narc) purchased for them in your home… because in reality you know it's likely bugged.
15. They take away anything you send with your child on exchange day and it mysteriously "disappears"… whether it's just personal hygiene items like deodorant or precious stuffed animals, gifts etc.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Foundation Of A Christian Marriage: 3 Tips

“Blueprints” by Gualberto107 via 

Building a great marriage based on God's word takes time, dedication and work. It's similar to building a house… if we don't begin with the basic foundation and check the blueprints, our house won't be very solid… it might even crumble, yikes.

We don't want to go into marriage believing in God yet then ironically not include Him in our marital relationship… that seems so silly yet it actually happens. Intentional? Probably not but it's damaging just the same. We want to be intentional in our marriages and our relationship with the Lord. Otherwise we just might wake up one day years into our marriage and see the glaring truth before us… yes, we believe in God yet we didn't once contemplate what He wanted for us and our marriage… instead we ignored our bibles, we didn't read good solid teaching and articles on what makes a successful Christian marriage and we didn't look to other couples who are in those solid marriages through our church and community or even seek our pastor for counsel when needed. 

We can see that the key difference is commitment versus merely stamping a religious label or denomination on ourselves such as Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, etc and thinking our work is done. It goes back to the question Kyle Idleman poses in his book Not A Fan… are we mere fans or followers? As Christians our marriage should reflect actively following Christ not just being a fan… this means actions hold much more weight than pretty words. 

So what can we do as believers to cultivate a great marriage that includes God?

There are several points to consider: Here are 3… 

1. As a couple it's so important to take the time to read the bible together or even side by side and then taking the time to discuss. Also, reading articles on marriage that are Christian based can help bring discussion to the table for a couple… what is your perspective of the advice in it? Do you see any of those issues in your own marriage? Receiving daily devotionals sent to your email and sharing the ones that hit home for you with your spouse can lead to conversation as well.

PRAYER IS LIKE ACTIVELY TAKING YOUR ALLERGY MEDICATION; if you know pollen and grass make you break out in hives you'd likely take your medicine right? Of course you would; it would act as your preventative against catastrophe. Reading the bible together as a couple is kinda the same thing… when we are pro-active and pray life over our relationship versus neglecting it's health we are doing a good thing!

2. It's important that both spouses are partners…. one particular verse may become twisted to ones own liking… 

For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of his body, the church; he gave his life to be her Savior. As the church submits to Christ, so you wives must submit to your husbands in everything.
And you husbands must love your wives with the same love Christ showed the church. He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by baptism and God's word. He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy and without fault. In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man is actually loving himself when he loves his wife. No one hates his own body but lovingly cares for it, just as Christ cares for his body, which is the church. And we are his body.
Ephesians 5:23-32
Husbands may believe that since the scripture states their wife must submit to them that they then have the authority and discretion to do anything and everything they choose… however unloving. But the scripture is clear that husbands are to love their wives. It reminds us of a domino effect. If a husband is loving his wife; leading her toward God and making sound decisions that reflect Christ not the world… then his wife will gladly submit. Conversely, if a husband is not loving his wife and is treating her poorly, maybe even with emotional or physical abuse it only stands to reason that she may not feel loved by him… actions speak volumes and if a husband is behaving more like a jailer than a follower of Christ his wife and marriage will suffer. 
Partnership is vital in a marriage; one person is not worth more in Christ's eyes whether man or woman… both bring wonderful, different but VALUABLE qualities to the table. 
She may be weaker than you are, but she is your 
equal partner in God's gift of new life.

Husbands when leading should do so with love not anger, wrath and control 
Remember that you each have a right to be heard, to calmly and respectfully relay any concerns you have regardless of whether it is finances, in-laws, children, sex or even a vacation or new purchase. When we take the time to really hear (not just be ready with our response) what our spouse wants it shows we care and that their perspective is just as important… this can only serve to bring couples closer together rather than pushing them apart. 

3. Couples need to protect their marriage from outside forces… satan is delighted to use any and all tactics he can to infiltrate a marriage; to annihilate love and any sweet expression of it. Satan's number one goal is to destroy… namely family. If the devil can destroy a marriage he will divide a husband, wife and children. Sex was created by God for married couples to show their love to one another and for procreation… it's so incredibly important for husbands and wives to utilize the tools they are given to protect their intimate relationship.

If you're struggling with emotions from a past relationship that included sex.. (or even that didn't) and it's overshadowing your marriage it's so essential to pray for forgiveness to God… just be honest with Him and admit this is a struggle and that you need help. Repent and commit anew to your marriage… follow God's will for your life; be obedient to Him, ask for strength and that no weapons formed against your marriage may prosper. 

Shield yourself and your spouse from any potential sexual sin so it doesn't infiltrate your marriage; say no to porn and filth on the television screen, share email accounts and keep strong boundaries between yourselves and those of the opposite sex…  turn to God and ask Him to chisel your mindset so that you each honor one another and show love in the healthiest of ways that please Him. God wants us to enjoy a relationship of sweet intimacy with our loved one and when we do that in the purest of ways it is sacred, unmarred and full of joy. 
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Husbands & Romance: What Wives Want

He noticed all of her… 

If you've read the novel The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller you may very well be familiar with that line. Reading the book for the first time this past week has brought much thought into the realm of romance. In the story Francesca Johnson mourns the fact that romance is nonexistent in her marriage to Richard… and when Robert Kincaid stops by one day asking for directions her entire world shifts. In no way do I condone Francesca's cheating but there is much in this story that needs to be scrutinized and reflected upon as the novel reflects the ill health of so many marriages today not just Francesca Johnson's fictional one.

Francesca Johnson laments what lacks in her marriage and what lacks becomes so much more glaringly obvious once Robert enters her life. But the lacking was always there just the same. It was always between her and her husband. It always separated them like smoke in a bar… each of them at distant ends one perhaps realizing there was an issue… the other oblivious to any. The lack in her marriage and her husband Richard's inability to realize it leads us to what do women want in their marriage and what would make it better if men were only willing to open their eyes and see it?

Reading The Bridges of Madison County gives us an inkling into what women truly want, how they want to live in their marital relationships and if men were willing to give the book a read they just might see the spark that may be missing with their own wife. But if not… here are some ideas… this post was inspired by my reading the book these past few days… and somewhere I believe there will be a wife or two (maybe more) nodding in utter agreement.


What does your wife want?

She wants you to make love to her on the kitchen floor as chili simmers in a pot on the stove on a Saturday night… as the rain patters on the roof she wants to gasp and moan; reaching for the edge of dark night sky in ecstatic symphony.

She wants you to take her hands and dance to a slow tune on the radio… listening to the crickets chirp, feeling the coolness of the patio under your bare feet, the scent of gardenias nearby; you pluck one for her hair and tell her how incredibly beautiful she is.

She wants you to run a hot bath for her complete with bubbles and when the foam is daring to overflow the tub call her that it's ready, hand her a cold beer and brush her hair while she tells you anything and everything she needs to get off her chest.

She wants you to take her hand; please never tire of taking her hand and holding it when going places, particularly crossing the street; she wants to know you still care, that she still matters and you wouldn't dream of leaving her behind.

She wants you to send her a text while you're at work that doesn't demand anything, doesn't ask anything of her… but to just simply say "I'm thinking of you."

She wants you to say her name with endearment, not irritation or impatience… that when she hears you speak her name… she knows that it means something… that it's special to you and not ordinary.

She wants you to walk or run the trails with her and explore; to never tire of exploring the world with her no matter how local or far away.

She wants more pictures not less.

She wants you to see her as an individual not just as "your wife" like some kind of appendage or property owned.

She wants you to support her dreams, to encourage her, to not let her take the easy way out.

She wants you both to be on an active anti-boredom mission… boredom kills a marriage so quickly, like weeds that infest a neighbors yard; soon it takes over and what life was there is wiped out.

She wants you to make sweet love to her as if time frames, clocks and deadlines don't exist… she wants you to give her the delicious attention she desires and not just go through the motions of mechanics.

She wants you to open doors, to help carry things, be chivalrous because she knows she can do it on her own but the gesture of your kindness matters to her.

She wants you to plan vacations away… she wants you to take her someplace with a pretty view… beautiful settings are like a salve for weary souls… and spending time together in them makes for even sweeter memories.

She wants you to put down the remote control on an occasional evening and ask her what she wants in life… in five years, in ten years, in twenty… she wants you to ask her something besides where is your neck tie and what's for supper.

She wants you to tell her that she's an amazing wife and mother… and that if you had it do all over again, yes, you would marry her.

She wants you to be willing to pursue every single avenue in making your marriage better before daring saying you're done.

She wants you to pray for her, for her safety, health and well-being… she wants you to know you talk to God about her and thank Him for her.

She wants you to lead her in love… not crassness, not ambivalence, not apathy or dispassion but interest and purpose.

It may seem like a tall order… it might seem like a lot of work… but honestly, it's the difference between a marriage with life in it and one of impending death… romance adds so much to our marital lives and when we put in the effort to implement even a few things it can add infinite richness and beauty.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Missing The Narcissistic Sociopathic Ex

“Miss You Card” by gubgib via

May 2015 

names have been omitted or changed in this post 


In tall boots, gray skinny jeans and a light chambray top I headed across the parking lot toward the local hardware store. The sun was shielded from my face with a camouflage baseball cap and sunglasses as I passed numerous shoppers leaving with tools they needed for various weekend projects. I headed inside through the double doors that automatically opened and made my way past the displays of yard knick knacks, garden benches and watering cans. At the back was a small counter with a window where keys were ordered and custom made. I waited patiently at the counter for someone to show up and soon noticed a built red haired guy with a beard approaching. He said his name was Jon, smiled and asked if I needed some help. Thank God for Jon, I thought noticing how masculine he was and then blushing that I had taken note. I went on to explain how the past set of severe thunderstorms had partially knocked out my electricity in my kitchen… the outlets weren't working nor was the dishwasher… but everything else was fine. I further explained to him I needed to access my breaker box to check it out but… and then rolled my eyes… because SOMEONE had lost the key to the darn thing… IMAGINE THAT… that someone being ME of course and I needed it unlocked.

He chuckled appreciatively with twinkling eyes but then admitted "Man, you are in a pickle."

"I know… so I thought I'd stop in and see if you had any ideas. I need the lock cut off. I don't want to have to call a locksmith unless I absolutely have to, you know? Would bolt cutters work to cut it off?" I asked him.

He gazed at me with empathy and replied "Yeah… but honestly… " He trailed off then was straight with me "They would work… and I don't want to you take offense to this but… I don't know that you will be strong enough to use them… I mean, it's going to take A LOT of strength and force to cut through that lock." He explained.

I nodded "No offense taken. I kinda figured that but wanted to check." I sighed. Ugh, I thought.

He nodded and softly asked "Do you have anybody to help you? A husband? Boyfriend? Any guy?"

Silence. All my life it had meant being indebted to be helped. I'd pay a locksmith to do it… paying people meant no "I owe you's".

"No, I don't… " I exhaled "I just have an ex that would relish the fact this has happened." I replied with a grimace.

He chuckled then nodded ruefully "Ah, I hear ya! I have several crazy exes. Well… " He trailed off… "I don't mind selling you the bolt cutters if you really want to try them… but honestly, I would call the locksmith." He advised.

I nodded, appreciating his help and honesty, graciously thanked him and departed.


It's no doubt we sometimes miss being married. We may miss having a partner who listens to our woes at work, who graciously lets us vent to them after a long and particularly trying day with the kids. Marriage means we have someone at the ready with chicken noodle soup when we are sick with a cold or the flu… it means we have an "emergency buddy system" built in… if we need to go to the hospital there is a person who loves us ready to bundle us up and haul butt to the emergency room. Being married means we thankfully have someone to help us with our resume and all the nuances that go with it… should I include this or omit that? Can you please proofread it? Being married means we have someone to look forward to vacations with and plan ahead… to take photos with and splash in the ocean with… to try new foods and kiss under the setting sun… to buy the kitschy matching t-shirts, sweatshirts and glasses from Hard Rock Cafe and not care that yes it's cheesy. Being married means cooking that special persons favorite meal and surprising them with it… extending, sharing all the love we have to give with someone we thank God for everyday. Marriage is maybe being sarcastic one minute, finding humor in difficulty and kissing the next… marriage is a culmination of so many sweet moments scattered in the hard, in the challenging and the everyday and ordinary.

Yes, we may miss all these things about marriage and more… no doubt, that is perfectly reasonable and expected... because there are aspects of marriage that are great. The truth is… we wouldn't be divorced if there hadn't been some serious issues in our marriage that far outweighed the positives. We'd still be there, side by side, bickering over who has more of the blanket and whether the temperature is too hot or too cold… but likely the issues in our marital relationship were far more glaring and serious than that.

I look back on my own marriage and see tiny nuggets of good memories here and there. I see comforting hugs when he arrived home from work, I see a man who up until things began unraveling in the last year or two who would fetch anything I desired for dinner if I didn't feel well or cooking was out of the question due to hectic schedules. I see many times where I prepared homemade lasagna for him because he loved it and basked in his praises and enjoyment of it. I see a man who somehow despite wanting to pull his hair out and claw his seat in frustrated terror taught me to drive and took me car shopping when we dated. I see myself cheering on his accomplishments as he worked his way from the bottom up. I see road trips filled with fun memories like basking in the glorious beauty of the California coastline and sharing delight over playful dolphins along our boat-rides in Florida. Positive memories we've shared exist, yes, they do.

I find myself looking back and seeing two people in him. Two polar opposite sides based on his behavior. I miss the opposite of the evil obviously. I miss the person I thought had my best interests and at times appeared to. I miss the person who at first glance seemed utterly devoted and enamored. I miss the person whom I wrongly believed I could share all my quirks and anxieties with. I miss the man who I thought I could let in my heart. 

But reality is that there is the other side, the side that is checked out, that doesn't want to be bothered because you're inconveniencing him with a request, conversation or just some attention. There is the shut down of your valid worries with a "it's fine!" and walking off. There is the constant influx of his mothers presence in the marriage... despite your verbal protests he shuts down and says no one will criticize his mother's presence. It's ironic as your own mother kept her distance due to his obvious disdain for her. Everything is negotiated with the dark side that creeps out... everything is "let's make a deal" because he does nothing "just to be nice"... like cattle you've been bought and each and every day you must pay up. He values his home, cars and self perceived status as more important than human life. 

The truth of the matter is: when we miss a narcissist or narcissistic sociopath we aren't missing who they really are. We are missing the facade, the fake, the phony one.

It's like missing the devil 
when he isn't beating us and 
is acting like an angel 
the rest of the time. 

We are missing who we thought they were, who they portrayed themselves to be long enough to snag us like a coveted tea pot. We are missing who they fell back into character as… when we began to show any displeasure, strength and independence that we might just up and jump ship. Like a fish he (or she) had to reel us back in with glimpses of good. 

It's okay to miss who you thought they were. 
Who they pretended to be. 
Just remember that's what it was… pretend. 

Who he REALLY is? He's the person who grabbed you inappropriately and sneered your vagina belongs to him. He's the person who expected sex when you had a 104 fever and felt like death. He's the person who told you yes, he'd be happy to help hang that heavy picture in the dining room... if you have sex with him first. He's the person who despite knowing you were raped told you via email that he will lie to your daughter that you prostituted yourself just to have a roof over your head. He's the person who left you on your own when you had a serious illness to navigate. He's the person who allowed his sister to call you a five letter word that ryhmes with witch in front of his entire extended family and your children at Thanksgiving because you worked at your family business and per her opinion didn't have a "real job". He's the person who gleefully enjoyed all the nude pictures of women his best friend sent him and was irritated when you were disgusted by him and told him to not ever do that again. He's the person who had no use for church, for God or leading his family in love and biblical teaching. 

That's the REAL person you married. 

And thankfully he's the person you're now divorced from. 

© ~ 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Narcissistic Sociopath & Enabling

“Nest Egg” by Gualberto107 via

Which came first... the chicken or the egg?

Which came first?

The narcissist or the enabler?

It's a toss up.

Narcissists don't do friendship. They don't have friends. It's not that they are too busy, distracted, or just get caught up in life suddenly realizing six weeks have gone by and all they've done is work and watch Netflix and gee, maybe they need to pick up the phone, text and say hello. No, no, no, it's not that they are shy or maybe just plain old tired and need a reprieve from the world. The fact is, a narcissist doesn't see a need for friends. There is no internal yearning for interpersonal relationships, to connect, to commiserate and laugh over coffee etc. Instead, narcissists have acolytes, which are followers, or more aptly named... enablers that are wholly devoted to them, always ready to assist them with anything they need.

Back to the chicken and the egg… 

Is the narcissist's toxicity made possible due to the enablers ready and willingness to help them cause destruction everywhere they go? More than likely that answer is a resounding yes! Can a cult survive without it's followers? Where you find a narcissist you will find an enabler, they go together like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich… yes, one may be fine on it's own… but together they can make up quite the combination… so why not stick together?

April 2015

names have been omitted in this post


Wrapped in the cocoon of a white down comforter and sheets… it was around nine o'clock and I was wiped… bleary eyes, a sore throat and congested sinuses had contributed to an especially long and exhausting week of work… I had pressed forward at work despite going to bed as soon as I thankfully reached home each day… fighting a cold with saline, kleenex, Ibuprofen and Mucinex… I was relieved to be going to sleep. As I drowsily checked Facebook one last time before early bedtime I noticed a new message in my inbox. Clicking on the icon I opened it to reveal a message that made me sit up and take notice. Suddenly I was wide awake. My cold symptoms were momentarily forgotten as I skimmed the message with quick eyes and a gasp. No, no, no, I thought to myself as I read more. Stunned, my heart pounding and dread in my stomach, my bare feet hit the cool floor and I pattered down the hall to where my mom was in bed reading.

She looked up and saw my face ashen and distressed.

"What is it?" She asked me tersely, instinctively knowing something was wrong.

I told her I'd received a message from another parent about an incident at my son's school that day. The incident involved him. Apparently he was the perpetrator.

"He threatened a girl at school today. He threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot her." I told her, shocked such words were coming from my mouth… "She had been irritating him in class earlier."

Her book dropped in her lap and she sat aghast at what I'd uttered. "Oh My God…" She spoke "Get on Our Family Wizard and find out what he's doing about this." She advised referring to my ex. "Start demanding some answers. Funny how he hasn't informed you about it. You have to hear of this type of thing from a third party? Document all this." She added.

"I am…" I nodded "And I'll be going up to the school myself to speak with the administrators. This is completely unacceptable behavior. They need to know what their dealing with, that he needs to be watched like a hawk when he's in their care. He's out of control. Too bad I'm the only parent who sees it." I retorted.

I sent three messages. All three demanding answers. It showed my ex viewed them but I never received a reply. I didn't really expect to get a response as my ex never disclosed any information about our son to me. His desire was to sweep everything under the rug and act like it didn't happen. By his actions he showed this time and time again. There was no co-parenting with him. That was a joke.

I could see how the road was being paved in my own son's bad behavior being enabled. I had stood up against his bad behavior, his poor treatment and demanded rules be followed, that certain basics must be met… teeth brushing, showering, no hitting, no talking back, being respectful and following directions like doing your homework. But he had repeatedly stood in defiance and told me he would not be doing x,y,z and what was more I would not be telling him what to do. Since I'm not a bouncer and wasn't willing to get physically beat to a pulp anymore I turned him over to his dad. Really, there should be a third option but if there is one I'm not aware of it… other than possibly shipping him off to an all boys school that is Christian based with lots of physical labor for consequences to ill behavior… if such a place exists (which if it doesn't it should) I would have been willing to do but it likely comes with a hefty price tag I cannot afford. Hence, him going to his fathers; straight into the arms of the one person who was more than ready and willing to enable him is where he now lives full time.

I see enabling running rampant in my son's young impressionable pre-teen life over at his fathers… and it breaks my heart. Every other week I hear snips of horror stories from my daughter… how at his grandmother's birthday dinner at Outback he suddenly announces he wants a beer. And then his father nods and says "You can try it sometime at home." When the correct, responsible answer would have been to inform him that he's only twelve and that having beer is inappropriate and ILLEGAL until he's twenty one… that with drinking alcohol comes great responsibility and is not something to take lightly. Ethan Couch comes to my mind as my daughter rattles on how it's ridiculous when he has an aunt who was killed by a drunk driver that Daddy would take drinking so lightly… but then she admits he texts in the car while driving so that's kinda the same thing so obviously he doesn't care about them anyway.

There is the enabling of when he has a fit and he purposefully breaks his glasses, his iPhone, toys, etc. In his father's mind there is no such thing as consequence. If our son broke his glasses in the midst of rage on my watch, I'd tape them up, hand them to him and let him suffer the consequences until he needed a new prescription. But not the narcissistic father, for him everything is perfectly seamless, you just clean up the mess and buy all new to replace the broken. Making everything appear pretty is more important than addressing the root of the issue. He merely buys him brand new glasses and soothingly says "Now, don't do that again" like some inept spineless supporter.

Per our daughter the enabling continues as my ex questions our son about what set him off in social studies class to later become so enraged that he would threaten to shoot a girl at lunch. The questioning is cut short by our son saying "Let's not bring it up right now" and shutting down the conversation… pushing the issue isn't done, sitting down and saying "No, we ARE discussing this. Right now, because your actions need to be addressed" isn't done because then there might be fits of rage, objects thrown and limbs being kicked and hit… property destroyed and injuries incurred… so backing down and letting him, the child, remain in the drivers seat is what happens instead… much to his own detriment and others now and later in life.


It's as sick and demented as the narcissist him or herself.

It supports bad behavior. 
It encourages chaos.

It backs evil and gives it elicit permission to drive the devil's schemes into action.

As parents we hold huge responsibility to teach our children what behavior is tolerated and what is not in order to lead healthy, responsible and successful lives one day. Our world is quickly subscribing to a "we will tolerate anything thrown our way" type mentality… when children are being told it's okay to "have just one sip" of something, when fits of abuse are re-worded and re-framed to be mere "some issues or anger problems", when deadly threats aren't taken seriously and intervention doesn't take place… because "he just has some problems" or "he has a broken home" or "he has affluenza"…. children need to be not enabled down a path of evil… but on a path toward our Lord… where if you make a bad decision because you CHOSE not to obey HIM guess what? You get the consequences of those poor choices served up to you. You don't have a God who just reaches down and makes it all better, who picks you up, dusts you off and says "Oh, you chose bad again. Let me clean that up for you. I don't want you to be uncomfortable for a second."

No, children need parents who are like God. 

They love them… but if you choose evil over good, if you don't obey, you will suffer the consequences of those negative choices… no enabling allowed.

© ~ 2015