Monday, June 3, 2013

The Marital Bed With God: The True Joy Of Sex

The Marital Bed 
and… the true joy of sex…

As a wife do you ever feel as though your husband
wants sex merely to squelch his physical urges?

Do you ever wish he was "making love to you" 

instead of feeling as though he's 

 "just getting some"? 

Sex within marriage is supposed to be an intimate special connection between two people that have purposely chosen to be with one another, who have entered a covenant before God... sex between them is an expression, a renewal of saying to the other person....

I STILL choose you. 

So as a woman you may yearn to be made love to...

 yet maybe that is the last thing you are feeling. 

Maybe sex with their husband has become about merely the release for him, the "Oh!" moment and him gaining the physical gratification he desires. Maybe you feel you could be anybody, as a warm body to be used. Maybe as he's reaching his blissful state he's picturing the cute receptionist he saw last week while shopping for a new family SUV. Maybe he's mentally wrapped up in the attractive new neighbor that just moved in next door... who is single.

But you may begin to feel 
invisible even when you 
are right there before him. 

This doesn't feel like love, you think to yourself, as you bite your lip and cringe. 

Sex between a husband and wife should be about connection on a spiritual, emotional and then lastly physical level. Sex is supposed to be saved only for marriage as God designed it, but if a husband is mistreating his wife in bed by chronically having a misguided agenda of just going straight to squelching his urges, it not only cheapens the sex but the entire marriage if all she is to him is a warm body to get his release from. A wife may end up feeling used and just anyone to him if his idea of "making love to his wife" is "Come here... thanks, now go away!"

Porn won't create healthy intimacy but actually detract more from it. Buying purses, new clothes and meals for his wife won't cut it as a trade for his sexual release. When a husband does this he places his wife in a very uncomfortable and demeaning position. If porn and bartering are in the marital bed God isn't. Satan will use any alluring materialism to entice couples to erroneously believe they are needed to implement the bond that may be missing. Removing un-Godly things like porn from the marriage and re-connecting as husband and wife by implementing prayer together on a regular basis for your sex life will set the foundation needed to involve God in the most intimate area of your marriage.

Connecting instead and embracing the beauty of allowing yourselves to be vulnerable before one another... 

Acknowledging the awe-ness of being able to be so free with another human being to have an orgasm, to reach such peaks with someone who you choose to let see all your insecurities, flaws and wonderful qualities... that is the point of sex that God wants us to see, to appreciate and embrace. To be able to see the sweetness of that...  in what is often such a cold, hard and difficult world... to have that soft spot to land with someone else after a long day and hear "You are beautiful" or "You are so amazing" in your ear not just in regards to the physical but just the essence of YOU...

That is the true beauty of sex between a 

husband and wife. 

Two souls coming together in unity 


The true joy of sex. 

It's total acceptance and the raw bareness before one another that you can be exposed and yet still be wanted and desired by the one who has committed himself or herself to you through holy vows. This unconditional love is exactly what God represents and what is good, holy and true throughout the ages and never ever changes no matter what happens.

As women we know what we want... 
we want to feel appreciated, loved, accepted 
and even more so during sex 
with the one we chose to love. 

I imagine God can think 
of no better joy than that. 

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