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  1. Hi Jen, I've recently come to the realization that I was in a narcissistic marriage I've been divorced 5 years and I'm a man. The thing that has been a bit disappointing is how almost every article I find the author almost exclusively characterize this personality disorder as if women never are perpetrators. Thought it might be worthwhile pointing out as I'm certain men are victims as well. Or perhaps to write in a way that is more gender neutral. The content is obviously applicable in either case just tiresome to read as if all men are this way. Our court system is already horribly biased.

    1. Hi, Joe!
      Yes, there are narcissistic/sociopathic women as well. I originally wrote for a female audience and have since tried to write the majority of posts to include he/she etc to include both sexes. I do write from personal experience and include details from my situation to give concrete examples of how a narcissist is. Originally women were primarily granted custody of their children back in the day; fathers taking a more secondary role ie; weekend dads. Fathers rights groups have since made fathers have a more significant role when it comes to custody. More and more courts are leaving toward 50/50 at least here in Texas. Obviously not all courts/areas of the country are the same. Something we can keep in mind though is it's really not about fathers rights or mothers rights, it's not one sex against the other. The problem with the court system is that we empathetic people (healthy parents) are having to fight personality disordered people... until judges, attorneys, ad litems etc realize/become educated about these vast differences in how narcissism affects children we as healthy parents will not be able to effectively completely protect our children from the toxic ones... no matter what sex.