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10 Signs You Are A Narcissistic Sociopath

10 Signs You Are A Narcissistic Sociopath: 

1. Your partner must be what you want… whether it be appearance, personality, wants and desires, etc. (Your partner has voiced that they feel you are always wanting to change them and they cannot please you.)

2. Your partner must be available when you want and or need them and not bother you when you have no need or desire for their presence.

3. Your partner must have no "problems"… no anxieties, no phobias, no weaknesses, no demands, no requests, no health conditions that require resources of yours like time, energy, attention and money. When your partner does have something you feel extremely irritated and put out by their "flaws".

4. Your partner must look good on your arm, like a trophy of sorts he or she must always look polished and "perfect" for you to be attracted to them. (Your partner spends an inordinate amount of time on their appearance to look nice for you yet you then berate them for the time taken.)

5. Your partner must not ever change… not ever age, have wrinkles, have stretch marks, scars, lose and or gain weight, etc. (When your partner changes in any way you find yourself not attracted to he or she and begin to loathe them. They better get their act together or they are out.)

6. Your partner must not do anything that takes time and attention away from you like hobbies, a career, social activities, etc. (Your partner says you're controlling, that they feel isolated and they feel "hooked at the hip" with you. Your partner fails to be your "everything".)

7. Your partner must be willing to accept any and all responsibility for the issues in the relationship… because if they would just "work harder" at pleasing you, being perfect, the relationship would improve. (Your partner has tried over and over again to verbalize the issues in the relationship, your partner suffers from anxiety, stress, depression and or unexplainable illnesses.)

8. Your partner must be happy to give you what you want when you want it… like a bank account if you are making deposits, (gifts; flowers, chocolates, meals, trips, spending allowance, etc) you better be getting a return… and it better be worth what you've paid out. (Your partner has voiced time and again that they feel the relationship is like a business (deals made) instead of based on love, mutual respect and equality.)

9. Your partner must be willing to let you be completely in control, to make all the decisions. You find your partner continually coming "against you" regarding issues like child rearing, home decor, where to live, remodeling decisions, in-law issues/visits, holiday celebrations, educational, psychological and discipline decisions for the children, etc.

10. Your partner must be willing to put up with or turn the other cheek to less than desirable behaviors by you like lying, (what you call harmless little white lies) cheating and criminal-like behaviors such as tax-evasion, fraud, etc. (Your partner continually catches you in lies and or protests your ill behavior.)

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