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When Your Narcissistic Ex Re-Marries

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February 2016 

 names have been omitted or changed in this post 


My daughter and I exchanged our I love you's and goodbyes and then I ended the FaceTime call. I walked into the den where my mother was seated on the taupe couch watching Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV.

"Oh, I love this show…"I told her, curling up on the couch and reaching for my favorite mug to take a sip of cranberry juice. "Joanna is so talented… everything she does turns out beautifully."

My mother agreed and grinned at me "And he knows how to fix stuff."

"I know, and they are so down to earth." I smiled.

"So how was your phone call? How is she doing?" She asked me, referring to my daughter who was about to end her week at her dad's and return to me.

"It was good… she seemed okay."I told her. "She said he asked Georgina to marry him on Valentine's Day. She said yes." I told my mother referring to my ex and his girlfriend who traveled back and forth from London and the states.

She looked at me. "Well, I'm not surprised. We kinda figured it was coming. Good. Maybe it will keep him busy. But it won't last." She told me.

I nodded. "I know, my thoughts exactly. I know it won't as well. We really haven't been divorced that long considering the length of our marriage and there he goes jumping into another one ready to make the same mistakes. He has to have someone so badly. It's unreal. Can't be on his own for five minutes. And I question her decision making. She's leaving her own young daughter back in London to come over here and marry him… flying back and forth to see her child… who does that? They don't have single eligible men in London?" I questioned.

My mother shook her head with a grimace. "I agree. It's a ridiculous set up. Eventually it will all fall apart." She remarked.

"I was actually thinking about picking up a cake and bottle of wine… I'm just so glad it's not me marrying him… can I get an AMEN? That's reason enough to celebrate." I smiled.


When the ex narcissistic sociopath re-marries it's typically quick; on the speedy heels of their divorce. It has to be… because supply is dwindling fast and needs to be replaced(!)… when they became separated or their divorce was finalized their ego took a hard hit… let's face it, their ego hit the floor like a busted watermelon splitting into a million pieces and they had to find a way to pick themselves back up and look good in the mirror and world once again.

When we think about it, it's so bizarre that a narcissistic sociopath wants to rush into marriage… that they hurry to tie down the next one and make it legal… because in reality they suck at marriage. They don't really want a loving, healthy marriage where two people come together to share their love for one another, their feelings, thoughts, dreams, etc. Instead it's about a one sided selfish agenda of:

How does this person make me look? 
How does this person enhance my likability? 
How does this person boost my image to the outside world? 
Is he or she attractive, wealthy, smart, talented, educated, etc? 

And that's what is so mind boggling… again, they suck at marriage because first, it's really all about them and secondly, there's this new person they've suckered into loving them. All the while they plan to screw them over in various ways… by cheating, manipulating, stone-walling, gas-lighting, etc.

It's all about them.

You Are Bought Like Cattle…
The narcissistic sociopath views marriage as a business deal… you are purchased after he has deemed you worthy of supply for the short term (because longterm doesn't exist with a personality disordered individual; eventually he will grow bored, you will age or begin to rebel as you realize the manipulation you have endured, gaining strength to finally leave). Realizing you deserve better, you take the first step to disentangle yourself from the narc while he's off hunting for the next supply or already enmeshed with one or even several; juggling them like pearls trying to choose the best one, the one that will bring the best return on his "investment".

Starting Again… 
That's why when someone who has been with a narcissistic sociopath begins to dip their toes into the dating pool again they are highly suspicious of anyone trying to get close too quickly… the one who begins voicing admiration and affection (love-bombing) for us makes us uncomfortable at best… maybe even nervous and downright panicked… looking for an exit to flee to, we may hurriedly put the brakes on any romantic relationship beginning to bud. Even if we are feeling a connection and see potential in a relationship everything in us screams that we are about to be trapped like an unsuspecting ladybug and that at any moment we could be indefinitely detained from flying away. Some might say that's paranoia talking, some might say we need to relax, some might say we will never find love if we keep flying away… but someone who has good intentions realizes that forming a friendship first and foremost is vital and any romantic aspect can wait… that true love is slow to form and not instantaneous or rushed.

We just want real love. 
We won't settle for anything less. 

The narcissistic sociopath may say sweet things, may do nice things, may seemingly love you with all his or her (empty) little heart… but it's all a facade… it's what's required to get the job done… like a business deal when you marry them you sign a contract to assist them, to cater to them, to help them feel good about themselves… and then one day you get your pink slip and are sent packing… you're dismissed(!) sent on your way back out into the wild…

But it's ironic… because out there you fight tooth and nail to stand on your own again and you do just that… with fists of determination you channel your inner Scarlett O'Hara; you rise, you stand tall and strong and curl your lip with satisfaction that you made it… maybe you're a wee bruised, maybe you're a little tired, maybe you're a bit jaded… but bit by bit you overcame and are just so grateful… so very incredibly thankful when you hear they are re-marrying that it's not you signing up for the orchestrator of chaos… because you've lived that crazy channel and there's nothing new to watch.

It's the same show.

on repeat. 

every. darn. time. 

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