Friday, January 9, 2015

Immodesty & Women: Writing A Different Story


When I was twenty one I believed it was perfectly acceptable/ as in there was nothing wrong with wearing a shirt tied at my waist with jeans and boots to go out dancing. I had no idea that my wardrobe choices were not in the least pleasing to God. Everyone else was doing it, as I observed whenever I went out with girlfriends.

Now, fast forward many years later I have learned so much. I could sit here and tell you that we get in return by what we advertise. In other words, if we dress scantily we are handing out invitations to men to leer and stare. But I won't… in fact, that mentality greatly bothers me. Having been raped and knowing the often societal tendency to "blame the woman" I abhor that thinking. I believe if you wear a short skirt and or a low cut blouse men have zero right to cross any boundaries… even though they might. They have zero right to cat call or make you feel uncomfortable … even though they might. They have zero right to leer or stare… even though they will. They will because they have a "lustful nature" if you will. As women, we could wear ski suits 24/7 and they'd trip over themselves looking.

But as godly women after the Lord, in wanting to please him, we should be striving to put the brakes on and control our worldly wardrobe. We want to please him and one way of many ways to do that is to take great delight in knowing we are dressing to do just that. When we accept Christ and begin to walk our path of following him we want to conform to what pleases him, not what is worldly.

 Her inner beauty only comes from Christ 

The other argument is regarding consumerism. As Christian's do we want to support a business that is fueling the moral stench of decay in our society? Businesses that provide little choices but skin revealing options are in complete opposite of God's word. When there are so many other perfectly fine options available do we really want to spend our hard earned dollars toward clothing that is bare not modest?

As women we often dress for ourselves or for other women. We get together with our moms, our sisters and girlfriends, even our co-workers and gab excitedly about the latest cute outfit we snagged on sale… with bright eyes we marvel to them and each other at all the fab stuff we've gotten. That is all well and good to a point… as it's no secret women typically dress for themselves or other women, not men… but at the same time… where is our priority? It should be God at the top and what he thinks of our choices.

Some teens and young twenty-something women will say "but all the other girls are wearing it!" when it comes to defending their revealing choices… but that doesn't really cut it as a valid excuse. As someone who believes women are perfectly capable of being leaders, of creating change where it's needed, we as females are much more powerful than we believe. What about writing a different story? When I was younger in my twenties I complained to my OB/GYN that I was responsible for taking birth control. I wanted to know why men got off the hook. She told me: "Instead of looking at it like that maybe another view would be to realize you are so blessed you have a choice. Not every woman gets that. You have that freedom." She made a valid point. Instead of saying "but all my friends wear it!" … what about saying "you can pave your own path. You don't have to be a follower. Who are you following? Why? Are societal and peer pressures getting in your way? What about you spearheading the way? Being a leader?" 

For years now I have worn clothes that are modest because I want to please God. I keep covered up. Men still stare. Yes, it's annoying. But I'm pleased to be following God and delight in it…it's not about following a set of rules or x,y,z... but I'm pleased to know that I am denying myself the worldly clothes that deter longterm holiness and great joy in Him.

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