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Daughters & Confidence

Daughters & Confidence

Confidence is not something daughters can simply be given. As moms it would be wonderful if it was that easy. But there are things we can do to help them gain their confidence potential.

Present With Confidence 

"Don't slouch!" Mary Poppin's always said it and it still holds true. As moms we can set a good example for our daughters on how we present ourselves to the world. One of those is modesty. Also, standing straight, tall and with our head up along with a smile tells our daughters that we have every reason to be confident in ourselves. The book featured below is such a must have for girls. It's titled A Smart Girl's Guide To Liking Herself - even on the bad days. The book is part of the American Girl line and is available at Michael's stores and online.

Encourage Her 

Encouraging our daughters to excel at something they love or just try their hand at something new. Even if they try something new and it bombs we can point out how much it means that they tried. They stepped out of their comfort zone which speaks volumes. Sports are great for girls to take up to let them gain confidence accomplishing something and working together as a team. But not just through sports can confidence be gained. Helping on a project around the house, becoming involved with Girl Scouts, having a bake sale or even an act of kindness such as helping to gather clothes that no longer fit them and donating them to someone in need. Doing all of these things will bring them one step closer to instilling confidence in what they can do, how they relate to others and how they can make a difference.

Digits & The 4 Letter Word "Diet"

Set the example you would want for you. In so many homes food is an issue. For many moms it might be about trying to lose that last 5,10 or 15 pounds. For me it's the opposite...trying to keep on an additional 5,10,15 pounds. Everyone is different but each of these problems can create issues for daughters because "Diet" and "Weight gain needed" tells them that where you are isn't good enough. We as moms have to be very guarded with how we speak about our bodies and weight. Talking strength not digits is a way to combat this and teach our daughters that if we are striving to eat our fruits, veggies and yogurt each day (and they are) and exercising 3-5 times a week, that is what's important. Strength is beautiful! Setting an example that we care for our bodies God gave us by not smoking, not drinking more than we should and always wearing our seat belt is setting a good foundation for our daughters. We can teach our daughters that the digits that truly matter are our blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate. If we are working to keep these in check and we are strong, active and eating right we are already doing a stellar job.

You Are Beautiful… 
But Beauty Also Comes From Within

We can look at photographs of women in magazines with our daughters and point out the unrealistic images they hold. We should tell them about photoshop, airbrushing, make up artists and how those models who "look perfect" are really just people like us who spend inordinate amounts of time in chairs being made up to the point they are barely recognizable. We each have the ability to show them ads that feature real women and how beautiful they are. 

Love, Marriage And The Baby Carriage Bring Great Responsibility..... Enjoy Your "Me Time"

Boys. So many girls and young women gain their confidence from the attraction and attention of boys. It can be addictive for them. For moms this can send us into a tailspin of worry wondering what to do. My daughter comes home and tells me a little girl in her class has a boyfriend. In grade school. I take these things very seriously. We talk about how God has someone special picked out for you. (Even though she's adamant she's never marrying) For in the future years from now, there is a boy He will deem perfect and just for you. That any boy before that is a waste of time. We can teach our daughters that with love and meeting the right boy comes great responsibility. In that she will have much more responsibility being someone's girlfriend or wife so in the time she has (which as we know will fly by) she should do everything she can to hone herself to know her likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and most of all know God. If she can accomplish these things and hold value in being on her own and having confidence in that she will then be better equipped to choose the right boy with God's guidance.

As moms we have the ability to instill so much confidence in our daughters just by the words we choose, the clothes we wear, the things we do and the attitudes we have. Most of all, we can show them we can gain confidence from a quiet knowing within that we are so incredibly valuable to God. What others think of us is their business but we can have great confidence in knowing what God thinks of us:

We are each beautiful and amazing.

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