Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Forward: Hello 2013

2013 marks a NEW YEAR.

New Year and a fresh start for everyone. 

What can we do to look to the good things God has in store for us during the upcoming year?

We can look forward and not back. 

You have to do what you believe is best for you, not what your mother, brother or friends think. Pray and ask God for guidance, as he will always steer you in the right direction. All you have to do is ask him. We get so caught up in asking others for their opinions sometimes we forget to ask for the opinion that really counts. God's.

Our past doesn't matter. What you've done and how you have sinned what? What matters is whether you have confessed your sins, asked God for forgiveness and asked him for guidance. Commit to a fresh start and learn from your sins and mistakes. Guilt and shame are just the devil trying to keep us in bondage and make us miserable. Look to the future.

Make a decision. Don't live your life stagnant. Indecisiveness is the cousin to complacency. Yes, we can pray but we also have to be willing to make things happen. We have to be an active participant in our life!

We can all reach our goals, make this THE year. Sit down and make a list of all your goals. Then narrow it down to a doable two or three. Post it on your fridge. Stick to it. This is the one I personally have the most difficulty with but I know it can be overcome.

Face issues head on and don't back away from them. Deal with relationships you need to deal with, repair what needs to be repaired. Apologize to those you owe an apology. Forgive those you need to forgive. To forgive someone's NOT really about them or FOR THEM. It's about what you need to do to have inner peace and not feel like a rage-a-holic every time you see them or think of them.

Appreciating what you have even if you feel your entire life is a current disaster. If you are relatively healthy, have food in your pantry and some money in your bank account you are already further ahead than many.

Don't worry about what other's think. So much precious time and energy is wasted on worrying what other's think. It's a time suck. If we all went through life just wondering what God thought and not what the Joneses think we'd all be much better off, healthier and less stressed. It takes time but you can train yourself to when every time you begin to compare your life to another's or worry what someone thinks, shrug and tell yourself:

 "I'm valuable to God. My worth is not defined by them."

Expect good. Expect good things to happen for you. Maybe you don't have friends. You might meet someone great this year. Perhaps you are looking for "the one" may happen this year! You might be trying for a baby and not sure you will ever get pregnant.... have faith! Or maybe it's been a horrible year and you can't believe for a second it will get better. It can! Have faith, pray and remember it can all turn around in a month, week or a day! God can hear our prayers and wants to give each and every one of us the best life possible.

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