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The Virtuous Woman


A Virtuous Woman.

Is the concept outdated?

One might try to argue that in today's
 times it is out of style
 but the truth is God's word 
is never outdated. 
A virtuous woman is worth
 far more than rubies.

A virtuous woman dresses modestly and doesn't dress provocatively to entice men. Even young women should heed this because following God's word is not something one should place on the back burner only to pursue later in life when they are older or when they become mothers. When I was in my twenties I thought there was nothing wrong with dressing provocatively. In hindsight I realize it sends the wrong message. We may try to justify its "all in fun" or "harmless" but it's not. Maybe we've worn things we shouldn't have, perhaps many of us have memories of an outfit or two that make us cringe. Yet we all have the ability to start anew and attract a Godly man when we use discretion in how we dress and present ourselves to the world. As women we can beware the world's lusts and walk our walk with God even if it means walking alone, losing friends and relinquishing what once entertained us through movies, music, and reading material. It may mean not reading the same books your co-workers read, not watching certain shows that are popular with mainstream culture and not continuing to date someone who you realize does not share the same values as you do. There are so many aspects to our life; how we dress, what we spend our free time doing, and who we choose to let in our world all of these can affect our life path. 

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed 
by the renewal of your mind, 
that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, 
what is good and acceptable and perfect.

- Romans 12:2 (ESV)

Taking a stand for what you believe in sometimes means standing alone... But God is right there cheering you on. Since filing for divorce after learning of my husband's infidelity.... I've had so many supportive friends and family rally around and show support. But there have been a few who questioned my decision and outright asked "Why we couldn't work it out?" My standard for marriage matches what the bible says and what God deems necessary for a loving and healthy Godly marriage. To not commit adultery. I applaud the women who have husbands who truly regret the misguided decisions they have made when they stepped outside their marriage. It is a remarkable and joyful accomplishment when these couples are able to make marital strides and heal with counseling. Yet the truth is..... it requires the one who stepped outside of the marriage to want to re-commit to the covenant they broke and begin anew. They must have the deep desire to work diligently each and every day to re-build the trust that is broken and strengthen the marriage. They must be willing to explain their behavior and indiscretion(s) without any justification. If a woman doesn't have a husband who is willing to do that then there is sadly not much left to "work out". Not to mention a wife has to ascertain whether she is able to trust her husband again and how comfortable she feels continuing a sexual relationship with him knowing he has been with someone else. Emotional and physical health must be considered. At the end of the day each woman has to take these scenarios into consideration and make the decision that is right for her with guidance from God. No one can make such an important decision for you and only you know what's best for you and your situation. 

A virtuous woman is like an eager child ready to learn of God's word and to not only learn it but actively apply it to her life. A woman of virtue knows that she is a work in progress .... and she delights in becoming more and more what God has planned for her, with setbacks not causing discouragement but the determination to learn more and move forward. So many of us go to church and listen to the sermon each Sunday yet know very little about God's word and lack participating in a relationship with Him outside of asking for what one occasionally wants. Studying God's word daily is our foundation for living a life well lived in God's light and only serves to help us. 

It's disheartening to know someone (or possibly yourself) who is a virgin and the guy she was dating suddenly dropped her like a hot potato simply because she refuses to have sex before marriage. So many men think "they will be an exception" to a girl's rule and after a few dates will "get lucky".  But these men....they aren't an exception. Just because he buys you a dinner doesn't mean you are indebted. A man of upstanding character wouldn't expect anything of you. Sharing an intimate connection such as sex should be something you both want to do not what is expected.

I would cheer every girl on and say "Don't give up! He is out there. There is someone who will respect your decision and wait. Because you're worth it." And if the next one won't wait .... he's not the one either. Don't cave into the pressures of sex or moving in together when it doesn't follow God's path for you.

We don't have to become discouraged by this because we can rest assured knowing that the right one will not cause us to feel the pressure to sway on our values and what God deems right for us.

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