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Divorce: Downsizing In December

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A December To Remember

You've seen the television commercials featuring Lexus and their high end luxury vehicles they are hoping you will splurge on for your loved one this Christmas.

Those commercials always make me pause.

How will you remember your December? Will you remember it with memories of long lines, cranky shoppers, congested traffic and high dollar purchases?

Or will you remember it with peace, contentment, doing small things to bring blessings to others and most of all the true reason for December 25th?

So far this December has been one to remember for me. I know years from now this December will be quite memorable for it is one of new beginnings.

Today I scouted out a Christmas tree for me and my children. This Christmas will be much different for my family this year and as I stood there searching for the tree that I felt spoke to me my eyes caught a glimpse of a massive Christmas tree. It was huge and it towered over me.

Bigger is not always better, my internal dialogue reaffirmed what I already know.

That huge towering tree may entice someone to believe they must have it to experience the "perfect" Christmas. But it's not true.

Bigger is not always better. The tree is symbolic for me because I'm in the process of a divorce and with that downsizing goes with the territory. For some people downsizing might be very daunting, disappointing and even cause unnecessary embarrassment.

But I can't wait.

I'm downsizing my home. More home than I need. I'm downsizing my possessions. I'm downsizing everything I can except my love for Christ.

Testing the tree to see if I could lift it, to my delight I was modest yet it still towered just above my head. It was all I could carry and because of that it was perfect.

It was sufficient just as God's love for us.

It will truly be a December To Remember.

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God Bless you and your family as you celebrate this Christmas. May you have good health, growth, peace and an even closer relationship with Him. I hope this December is your best yet.

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