Monday, December 17, 2012

Worthwhile Vs Worthless

What we watch. 

Is it worthwhile? Or worthless? 

When we pick up our remote control we must ask ourselves this question:

What are our intentions as we sit down and visually, emotionally and mentally consume something for a few hours?

Will it further our minds and hearts in the direction we wish to go?

Or will it stunt us and poison our minds and hearts with toxicity?

We can turn to the Holy Spirit when we wish to watch something and wait for a response to see if our time is well spent on the particular program, movie or show we wish to watch.

Whatever choice we decide to make we can afterward reflect on what we've watched and contemplate whether it was God-honoring or satisfying through the eyes of the flesh. We can begin to think about what we are consuming and absorbing and whether it is fruitful.

What is worthy? Is it worthless? 

There are some programs I just don't want on in my home. I don't watch True Blood. I have zero interest in it or the whole Twilight Series. I know that watching True Blood is not God's best for me. What are we calling "entertainment"? Seeing violence and vampires does nothing to enhance my life outside my den.

Spending a Saturday night in reading God's word after reading my kids devotionals and sharing prayers is going to lead me to a better place that is worthwhile than one that is worthless. What we watch affects our thought patterns and our thought patterns have the power to affect the choices we make in our life.

"I will set no worthless thing
 before my eyes...." 
- Psalm 101:3 NASB

What is God telling you about your time and how you spend it?

On what you are watching?

 It is worthy or worthless?

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