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Divorce: When Your Kids Are Embarrassed


Each and every one of us has felt it at some point in our lives. Maybe you forgot your lines during a third grade play and everyone laughed. Or perhaps you accidentally tripped and scraped your knee walking in a store. Likely your ego was a bit bruised like your leg despite a chuckle at your clumsiness.

There are situations where even if you can laugh at yourself there may be moments in your life you later look back on and cringe.

But what about the moments you had zero part in? What about when someone else's choices threaten to cause you embarrassment? Unfortunately it does happen.

Whether it is someone's choices due to drug use, an affair or evading taxes, no matter what the issue is there is a chance if the person is close to you their choice may impact you also. When others choices impact our lives negatively how easy is it for us to become embarrassed?


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My family and our life together just recently changed and its been a negative one. A change that was unforeseen and one I never imagined happening to our family. The choices made by one person has affected the life of my family now forever and yet it was not due to anything my children or I did. So when my son recently came to me and said "Mommy, I'm embarrassed. I don't want anyone knowing." I did what I knew God would want me to do.

I gathered my son in my arms and holding him spoke "I'm so sorry you feel that way. I am here for you and will always listen. But at the end of the day there is nothing for you to be embarrassed about sweet boy. You did nothing wrong."

My son was struggling with what others thought of how our life was changing and the reason for it. He was worrying about what others thought, said and the gossip mill surely to follow. He believed the discussion, judgement and whispers of our situation were a reflection of him. But that is so far from God's truth.

Hold your head up high. There is no reason to be ashamed and embarrassed by others choices that negatively impact our life. It's not a reflection of you. Pray to God that when feelings of embarrassment like these threaten to derail you that He will step in to gather you in His arms and give you comforting reassurance that you did nothing wrong. You are loved and not tarnished......

You are a shining gem in a currently dusty spot in life.

The dust will eventually settle and God will get you through it.

And that's no reason to be embarrassed.

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