Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Weaknesses

God knows all our weaknesses.

Yet Satan does too.

We have a continual battle with the enemy but its not one we have to fight alone. We must seek God and resist the Devil over and over again throughout our lives.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary, the devil, 
walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 
1 Peter 5:8

The devil is cunning, shrewd and vicious.

 He is the master of manipulation and seeks to bring despair, destruction and death to our lives.

He does this in several ways but the way he formulates and executes his plan is just as important. We can think of satan as an initial observer. He knows our strengths yet in that our weaknesses too. Imagine someone following you in life with a clipboard taking notes on your thoughts, desires, and actions. This is comparable to what the devil does. Imagine him continually taking notes of how much you struggle when it comes to food, or buying material things, or to the attractive man or woman you work with. satan knows exactly which areas you are weak in and he will begin orchestrating a plot to lure you in and succumb to sin.

We must stand strong and know our own weakness so we are aware of what areas we must be extra vigilant in. The devil's plan is to create uncertainty of God's truth, justification for our sin, to twist God's word to suit himself, to offer empty promises he can't keep, and to tempt us at the worst possible moment.

The devil will see our doubts in our marriage and begin to whisper words to us that lead to death....

"If he worked less you wouldn't be lonely. You're doing everything!"

"If she didn't nag all the time you'd be happier. Where did your fun wife go? She is the one who changed."


"Don't I deserve to be happy?"

"It's just a quick cup of coffee..."

"It's only dinner."

"But this feels so fun!"

"If he/she would be how I wanted them to be I wouldn't have to do this! It's really my husbands/wife's fault."

"It was just once. I won't do it again. Hopefully I won't get caught."


"Oh no... I did it again... I'm in too deep. There's no way to get out of this. I'm stuck. I'm losing either way."

"Oh NO!  He/she knows. What am I going to do? I've lost everything."

The devil seeks to pounce when the opportunity benefits him most. When we are struggling, when we are down, when we are sick, or tired, when we are at our weakest moments is when he springs to action with his evil plan.

We must stand strong, flee from the devil and cling to God. We can know we can always count on God to help us. He will. He will gather us up in His arms and give us the strength and wisdom we seek from Him.

But we have to know the devil's schemes, our own weak areas and know what to do. It is possible to rise above temptation. It is possible to have the life God wants for you and not one of darkness. Humble yourself before God, admit your weaknesses, admit your sin and repent. If you are the one struggling with the fall out of someones else's erroneous choices, pray. Pray for strength, comfort, peace and wisdom. Pray for those who have wronged you. Flee from the devil and seek God.

Let there be life! Turn your face to the light and delight knowing God is always there for you no matter what. Even the satan's worst can be overcome with God's best.

God always has a better plan!

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