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Loss In Life = Growth

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Life struggles

Or worse… Loss 

We all have them.

Big or small there is something each of us will face at some point.

Much of how we respond to the individual struggles we face show our character. We can choose to be discouraged or we can choose to have faith in God.

It is human nature of course during particularly difficult times in our lives to keep a positive outlook and constant reassurance that everything will be alright. But when we have those small doubts begin to nag at us like an unclipped cuticle we can remind ourselves this:

During our greatest challenges or losses are our greatest growth.

Remember the caterpillar you learned of in elementary school as a child. Remember the beauty and awe you held for it as you pressed your tiny nose against the glass and watched the caterpillar go through its formations to its final stage. The final stage of growth, beauty and sweet release with wings.

This is each of us.

It will happen, it merely takes time.

There will be seasons of good times in life and seasons with challenges. But when we take a moment to look back at our last challenge or the one before that we will see growth. It's often when we hit rock bottom in our worst circumstances that our faith is ignited and we are further assured of God's plan and promises for us.

For growth we must submit ourselves to God fully. To do this we must admit our weaknesses and mistakes to God. Humble yourselves. He knows best and knows every thing about us.

Acknowledge your active hand in your challenging circumstance to God. Don't search for excuses for your behavior and like a child reach in a box and try to pull out a name of someone marked as the reason for your "challenge." Do not try to blame others. Admit your part before God. Trying to rationalize and validate your reasons for your circumstances is like taking medication to stunt your growth. When we do this is only serves to cause our suffering to last longer and growth to take much longer.

When we feel deep down the want to change and grow we can know God sees it and will use it! He loves to see us sincerely want to change and through Him we can be better each and every day.

So when we are in the midst of challenging circumstances, when life's challenges seem too strong, we can take note that this too will pass. Remember the caterpillar and see the beauty in the changes to be made...

A burst of growth is just up ahead.

On the wings of a butterfly you will soar in triumph and
God's beauty will be reflected in your face, your spirit and your heart.

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Note: This is dedicated to my sister who had a love for butterflies. I know she is in Heaven beside God and through the loss of her I found Him. In my darkest days following her loss driving through tears I would often find reassurance in butterflies landing on my windshield which I know was a gift from above. During those times I was continually reminded of her strength and beauty. I'm also reminded of what God gave me. Growth.

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