Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Craving For Happiness Or Holiness?

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Everyone wants it.

Everyone places some form or amount of importance on it no matter how big or small.

But what can we do to obtain it?

Happiness doesn't come in a bottle or a box.

I can honestly say there are small indulgences in life that make me pretty happy at least for a moment. Eating a hot glazed donut makes me pretty happy when I'm craving something sweet and sugary. Same for a slice of cheesecake.

But does it last? No. Eventually that last bite comes and I'm left with nothing but that fleeting taste of yumminess. And hopefully not a stomach ache.

The same goes for an affair. An affair is deceptively like a big yummy piece of cheesecake. It may be enticing, it may be wonderfully exciting and it might even make you "happy" for a while. But... it won't last any more than the donut or slice of cheesecake.

The happiness an affair brings like the cheesecake is fleeting and not ever-lasting.

A person who is being unfaithful may be able to justify their actions at least for some time by saying "I just want to be happy."

The same person may even ask themselves "Doesn't God want me to be happy?"

The truth is this isn't about whether God wants you to be happy. God wants each of us to live a holy life. He wants to mold us into His character more and more each day. Even if we have setbacks (which we will) He has a plan for us to help us become a reflection of Him and His word.

We don't have these two doors to choose from in life:

Door 1 - Holiness
Door 2 - Happiness

That's not how it works. Holiness and happiness are not separate things. The truth is, one leads to another.

We don't have to be scared of not being happy and thus choose happiness, then consequently fret over not being holy and living in sin. We don't have to choose holiness yet then be petulant and grieved that we gave up our happiness.

There is an easy answer here for us all:

Holiness leads to Happiness, as when we delight in following Him it gives us great joy.

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God, please always guide and mold me 
to be a reflection of your word and live a life 
that will lead me in the plan you have
 for me as I know you love me
and your love for me never fails.

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