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Look In The Mirror, Ladies: God Loves You

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We all want it.

But where are we looking for it? if you're married it might be your spouse.

If you're single if might be someone you're dating.

You might be looking for love from your father. Daughter's look to their father's for approval, affirmation, and above all acceptance. If they are not accepted by their own father what are they to think?

Our society today is facing a battle of love. It's the battle between father's and their daughters.

Daughters are losing that battle but yet so are their father's.

Father's have the innate ability to set the foundation for their daughter's relationship with God. Much of it depends on their own relationship with God. Daughter's often put their father's on a pedestal and believe how ever their own father presents himself is how God himself is also. It is imperative that father's today don't allow themselves to be viewed as an idol on a pedestal who can do no wrong. Humility in a father will go a very long way in shaping his daughter for the greater good. Admitting when he is wrong and being open with her when he is will help her realize we are all human and humility can override misguided stubborn pride.

This is not a weakness nor will she see it this way. A father who knows the difference between leading in God's love with humility, forgiveness, openness and firmness is the opposite of pride, resentment, non-trust, and control.

I grew up in a home filled with pride, resentment, non-trust and control. It was comparable to living in a prison. I never knew God's example from my father. I didn't know God's love for me until one day watching a sermon on television. I was an adult by then. All I had known during my years growing up was pride, resentment, non-trust, control and being used.

Being told God loved me was so unimaginable to me it took many years to realize the magnitude and truth to it. Unconditional love was so incredibly foreign to me as I had always been loved on conditions and when those conditions weren't met love for me was withdrawn.

But God loves me. He has seen it all. The tears, the suffering, the pain, the disappointment, the anger.

God loves you.

How easy or difficult is it for us to admit that to ourselves?

Your father may have never told you.

Perhaps your father was never there.

But your Godly father loves you more than anything.

His love you don't have to chase.

His love you don't have to appease his ego for.

His love you don't have to hope for.

His love is already there.

Just look in the mirror:

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