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Life With ADHD: There Is Help

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Where Are My Glasses?

On my head.

Where are my keys? Where is that paper I needed? 


We all have it to some extent. There are a multitude of distractions during a course of a typical day that can cause us to veer off our intended path. There are our children, our spouses, our co-workers and perhaps a surprise project at work that needs our immediate attention.

But little is discussed about another form of distraction. The smaller forms of distraction that can create absolute havoc and stress if they are experienced on a daily basis. 

Forgetting to load the laundry in the washer. Forgetting to transfer it to the dryer. Not having the jeans or blouse you had intended to wear that day. Ugh, great!

Going to get a glass of water for your spouse and seeing the laptop computer on the kitchen counter. I'll check Facebook super quick. An hour goes by. Wait, did someone want water? Oh yeah. Oops. Again.

Walking outside to throw a bag of trash out and seeing the kids toys everywhere. Taking the time to put those away, then seeing that the hose is a twisted mess. Unraveling the hose. Look at the time! Oh no! I'm late for an appointment! 

One day like this would rattle anyone. Would cause anyone to become frustrated. But imagine EVERY SINGLE DAY being like this. With a million other minuscule moments like those above throwing a wrench in your day. All the while you sit there observing everyone else around you seemingly sailing through life like a swan on a smooth pond absent of ripples. 

Meanwhile.... in your world it's comparable to a frenzied squirrel racing from tree to tree looking for nuts but there are so many trees, so many nuts how on earth does he/she choose which one? And if squirrels had lists, trust me, he/she have forgotten to bring it! 

ADHD is like that. Day in and day out. I lived this way for years and didn't know what the issue was. Imagine everyday being like that and then throw in the feeling of wanting to escape all the time because you are so restless you could swear you have restless leg syndrome. You can try to control it. But where do you begin? The distraction? The impulsiveness? The daydreaming? The constant need to want to flee to the nearest airport? You try to squelch it all as much as you can. Well, that's likely your top choice if:

A. You are married.
B. You wish to stay married. 

And you succeed. To a point. The problem with having to work so incredibly hard to not engage in these behaviors all the time is you can do it in small windows of time around friends and family. But the stress of doing that begins to mount on you. So behind closed doors you may very likely cause your spouse to want to flee. 

Women and girls are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than boys. The reason for that is most of society erroneously believes that hyperactivity is the hallmark symptom of ADHD. In boys, this may hold true. But girls are not being diagnosed because they typically present differently. Girls may be quiet, shy, daydreamers in class and have trouble listening. They likely have difficulty keeping their attention on the teacher or task in the classroom. And although hyperactivity may not be an issue girls may be restless. 

There is help. 

Many people don't agree with stimulant use to treat ADHD. There are non-stimulants available. Some people may not feel any medication is an option for them. For me, it was a lifesaver. Truly a God send. It was a day to day saver. Each person has to weigh their options and decide what works best for them. 

Know that if you are struggling with ADHD there are so many others who can relate! It is NOT your fault! You didn't ask for it. It's genetic. If you know someone who has it or suspect you may there is help available. You can contact your general practitioner for help or a local psychiatrist. There is no reason to suffer! And remember, above all, keeping a sense of humor helps.

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