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Drunk Driving: When "It" Happens ...The Unspeakable Truth

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Loss Due To A Drunk Driver 

If you've been there you understand.

It's like anything. But if you haven't it's much more may feel sympathy and sorrow for a person going through something like this but like anything it can be difficult to fully comprehend what they have endured unless you have yourself.

It's not something that's really talked about much. Even today. Sure you see snips about it on the late breaking news or occasionally a statistic here or there but for the most part it's not discussed.

People in the general public cannot begin to fully grasp what goes on behind closed doors when dealing with it and the tiniest of everyday occurrences that continue to irk you day in and day out.

It's not the alcohol that is the issue.
It's what may happen once an misguided person decides to drive after consuming a drink.

When I go to dinner with someone new it tells me a lot about them by what they order to drink. It tells me even more by what they say when they order something to drink. When I hear "Well, let's see what I want to drink...Hmm, how about a bloody mary? I need to get a few in me to loosen up."

I cringe.

I'm learning so much everyday since I began this journey and what I'm learning continues to surprise me. People in general don't like discussing alcohol. Oh sure, they love discussing the drink menu, the funny moments in the state of a buzz they've had, they love the camaraderie and the laughing till they snort and the nights they never want to forget ...if they can remember them.

But they don't like hearing the sobering truth.

Because it sucks.

It's not fun, it's not laughs and it's not pretty.

The truth is getting a phone call at midnight from your parents. The truth is talking to the officer on the scene of the crash, the truth is going back to bed but not really going back to sleep because your whole mind is literally screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This cannot be happening. Not to you. Not to your family. It's always "someone else's" family this happens to. Somebody you don't know mentioned on the news. But the truth is there again at 6 a.m. when you have to throw on sweat pants and a jacket and drive to your sister's to tell her the news. The truth is the entire five minute drive there you cuss about how you have to tell her THIS TRUTH and you don't want to do it. Because you are about to change her entire life. And so you cuss and cry the whole way there. You curse God, you curse anyone you can think of for this hell happening.

You even curse your baby sister. For getting in that car.
With a drunk driver.
Because you love her more than anything and would lay down your own life for her.

But she's gone. Just like that.

In an instant a nightmare begins.

And it all started with... "I need a few drinks to loosen up."

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