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Your Heart: Guard It, Yes, But Still Love

Decades ago we were told by the "experts" that eating eggs too often would leave us with possible health risks in the long run… resulting in high cholesterol for one which can potentially lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Now we are encouraged to eat eggs, as they've now been touted as healthy. Some would say perhaps we just need to look to moderation when it comes to any food… whether it's chocolate or salad were consuming. And yet on some level, you name it and we've been proved that what we once firmly believed about eggs has now been proven incorrect.

It's not any different than being single and childless and witnessing a screaming child in a store just a few feet away… and not understanding why on earth the parent can't seem to get the child under control and happy… "spanking or cookie, maybe?" Then a few years down the road once that same person becomes a parent themselves and are standing before their own screaming over-stimulated child in the midst of Target they cringe at the memory of that moment… "Oh, jeez…" they think to themselves... they bite their lip wishing they could disappear into the floor from embarrassment. They have now been shown that no matter how many goofy faces they make, pleading and prayers to above, bribes of lollipops or just plain old threats of "if you don't cut out that screaming right now, no PBS kids this afternoon!" they make… they realize they (just like that parent years ago they witnessed and yes, possibly judged) are not a "bad" parent… they are just human like everyone else… as their kid is too. They have been proved wrong.

It applies to meeting someone new as well… we may go through a mental summary of things we won't allow in our checklist… no one who has a motorcycle, maybe no one who likes to ski… perhaps no one who is younger or no one who is older. Then we meet said person… and before we know it… were undeniably smitten… and not only wondering if they are too but sitting there thinking to ourselves… well, jeez… I always said I wouldn't date someone with a motorcycle… or maybe it's not being willing to date someone who likes to eat sushi or even someone older, or even younger… and yet there you stand… you may feel blindsided by a mac truck driven by cupid and stunned… because you realize just like the eggs… just like the screaming child on aisle 5… and just like the guy you're undeniably attracted to… you've been proven wrong… (sigh) yet again…

Whether it's the newest fad diet that has proved to be a flash in the pan or you've realized that potentially dating someone who does not fit your typical criteria however well intentioned… it's irrelevant now due to the plain and simple fact you like them thus far… it's okay to be proven wrong… it's okay to say "Well, I sure wasn't right about this or that… go figure!" We don't have to slip into stubborn rigid ways… and cling to old ideals… instead we can admit to ourselves that our perspective has changed and maybe that's not such a bad thing. Life is about change… about embracing it… and maybe we've come to realize that in some ways we've been too rigid in what we want… or for some in what we think we want. If either of those are the case… it's okay to look ourselves in the mirror and admit we were hasty or even just plain wrong… at least in this case… we may realize life has a funny way of creeping up on us when we least expect it and giving us a surprise.

No one likes rejection, for sure… no one wants to feel as though they have been pushed aside or snubbed. After a relationship ending or a divorce we may naturally feel a little fragile… we may all have "handle with care" wrapped around our hearts… we may be a bit hesitant or unsure of our footing as we walk this new path… we may question if we will ever find a "safe spot" with another human being… but one lesson I have learned is… even if you are rejected, or feeling rejected, or not even sure… even if your advances, interest, your calls, your inflections, your glances, your texts, your whatever are not acknowledged or even sent packing… at least you will know you tried. After not speaking up in the past… my lesson has been learned… it's always better to live with "Okay, I tried" than "What if I had tried?" Because "Okay, I tried" means maybe disappointment and hurt from someone else. But "What if I had tried?" is you disappointed at yourself… loathing yourself, kicking yourself because dang it… you didn't speak up… and now you're left with regret, wondering… and that has the ability to eat you alive. We can deal with disappointment from someone else… even eventually move on… but disappointment at ourselves? That can become all consuming and detrimental to our very fiber.

So, yes… guard your heart… guard it in the attitudes you hold, guard against being so worried that love might backfire for you this time that you don't even try… that you don't even bother… guard against becoming jaded, guard against throwing your hands up and thinking to yourself "why even bother?" Guard against allowing your heart to harden from the past hurts where love was perhaps spoken of but not ever shown… guard against walking right into the evil one's path where you know you shouldn't be… where sociopaths, pigs, married men, married women and sexual predators prowl like hungry wolves for any supply they can get on the side because their marriages are falling into disrepair and they won't choose divorce or marriage but just themselves… guard against allowing yourself, your heart from becoming hooked to these dark types… guard yourself from knowingly entering anything you know to be wrong in the eyes of God.

Walk in light, walk in love… be open to that new season, that new chapter, to love, to new beginnings… be open in your words, your body language and your smile… do not fear… because you may get a little hurt, yes… you may take a chance on love, a risk, but at the end of the day… you aren't going home to no one… you aren't crying into your pillow solo… you aren't going to rest your head in sleepy slumber without hope and love still in your soul… because Jesus is there… you're already complete as His scarred hands brush your hair and wipe your tears… because you have Him.

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I hear the Lord saying, “Come into the abundance of My love. Do not believe the lies of the enemy, for they will steal from you the promises that I have made. Come fully into My love. Allow Me to lead you and guide you in this season. Allow Me to be one with you. Allow Me to show you that you can prosper and that you can live every day of your life in victory. Allow Me to bring you to that place of peace, in Me, and all things will then work together for your good. Live under the rule of My kingdom in absolute love, joy, peace and unity with Me.”

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  1. This post is full of honest love and hope. Bless you

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