Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When We Deem Those An Inconvenience


What or more specifically who comes to your mind? 

Is it the elderly? 

Is it people with Down syndrome? 

It is people with learning disabilities? 

Is it people with Autism? 

Is it people with speech and language delays? 

Is it people with Aspergers?

Is it people with ADHD? 

Is it people with dementia? 

Is it people with hearing loss? 

Is it people with Tourette's? 

Is it a pregnancy? 

It's sad to say that some people are viewed less than in this world based purely upon their looks, their abilities that don't match the typical individual's, perceived flaws, or perceived as humans with wrong timing to enter our world.  

We, as a whole in our society, seem to have a huge issue today with being inconvenienced with what's in our way or what's not pleasing to our eyes and holding a skewed view of how things "should be" in the name of perfection and perfect timing and the perfect plan. Even if we don't hold these views ourselves it's an issue for everyone today because it affects us all. 

Babies are aborted everyday because they are viewed as an "inconvenience." They aren't part of someone's plan and instead of being viewed as new life are instead being viewed as a choice. When as women we already made our choice...

to have sex. 

We know by making the choice to have sex we are taking a chance at creating life. 

Therefore why are we being given the choice to act as God and end it? 

As someone who at twenty was pro-choice and now many many years later is now pro-life.... I've witnessed the anguish, grief, tears, regret and self imposed shame and un-forgiveness many women go through after choosing to abort life... and it's not pretty. It's a long walk, a harrowing shadow that often follows women who mourn in secret because they feel its much too risky to speak, to share, lest they be harshly judged.... when they are already judging themselves. These women may feel they have no place to land, a soft spot if you will, as women who are pro-choice may not understand her grief and those who are pro-life may judge her for her past choice. She may feel as if she's in the desert, in no man's land because either way she feels she has no niche or another woman who will softly say "Me too", hug her, sit with her in silent grief and in her quiet, loving presence, acknowledge her similarly wounded heart. Abortion does more than kill babies.... it kills the mother whom God also loves, causing a lifetime of grief and regret. 

People who were born with all ten fingers and toes, average to higher than average intelligence, seamlessly functioning cognitive abilities and mental health.... are they considered any better than the child with sensory issues and dyslexia? 

Aren't the individuals who may be deemed "perfect people" by society really seen as imperfect in God's eyes each and every day and yet given grace.... (each of us are) as there is no "perfect person" on earth. A "perfect person" is just a false idea society has repeatedly attempted to sell us through lies, image and photoshop which ultimately does nothing but make people feel inadequate, buy into the comparison trap and succumb to depression.

The child or adult who has disabilities may be treated as an inconvenience to others and society as a whole. People with disabilities are indeed fully capable of feelings, of love, of contributing to society and working a meaningful job. They are capable of dating, marrying and having families. They are not less than, nor should ever be treated as such as that backward mentality has chilling similarities to what led to the Holocaust.... because at the end of the day one group of people were erroneously viewed as "less than"... by far our worst example of human hatred demonstrated in history. 

People with special needs want the services they need to reach their personal best to succeed in life. Just like the child who benefits from an aide in the classroom a man who is blessed to have a ramp to access his place of work via his wheel chair... both are different examples of how they are then achieving their best in life through services provided to them. They both also want what everyone wants... friendship, love, warmth, kindness, humor, affection, respect, an education, a job, earnings, shelter, clothing, food, etc. 

Who is anyone to deny them that? 

Who is anyone to tell them they are inferior or should be treated less than? Who is anyone to tell someone they don't deserve a chance? Whether that someone is a kid with Asperger's denied a chance to play in a team sport or a baby being denied life.... no one should hold the right to deny.

Because when we deny people by viewing them as an inconvenience we deny LIFE whether it's a little boy's spirit broken on the side lines of a field or a baby being yanked from it's mother's womb in the form of birth control after the fact. 

God doesn't want us to engage in anything that doesn't bring light and life to others. He doesn't want us to view others as an inconvenience. We were made by Him. Each of us. He knew us before He formed us in our mother's womb... and be certain it pains Him for anyone to view anyone God created as inconvenient. 

We were put here to help and love others… 

to not view others as an inconvenience but as an opportunity to bless!  

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