Sunday, August 18, 2013

Timing & Sacrifice: When God Uses Us To Bless Others

summer 2013 


I slowly pulled my SUV into the deserted CVS parking lot,
 lights from the building welcoming me like a beacon in the dark. 

It was 2:30 a.m.

Pulling into a front parking space by the door I put the vehicle in park and sat hunched over my steering wheel resting my head on it momentarily trying to gain my wits about me. My heart was racing and my entire body was shaking like a leaf barely attached to a twig fluttering in the wind. I felt incredibly small in my jeans, paint spattered crew neck top and  baseball cap. Despite sweaty palms that clung to the leather steering wheel, I couldn't seem to stop my shivering and my teeth were chattering like I'd been outside in the snow and 30 degree temps. 

But it was July. 

God, please let them be okay, please let them be okay, please let them be okay....

My thoughts continued like a frantic loop praying to God that the horrific scene I'd just witnessed was going to have a good ending. 

It felt like forever that I sat there waiting for the shaking to stop so I would feel steady enough to exit the vehicle and go in the store. 

All the while praying.... 

My running shoes hit the parking lot pavement and letting my purse hang on my right arm, key fob in hand, I strode toward the doors that automatically opened revealing brightly stocked shelves of merchandise... candy, beer, makeup and summer travel essentials. 

I headed to the candy aisle.... 

All the while praying.... 

And there between the caramels and Hershey chocolates I lost my appetite I never really had to begin with. It was just a nervous desire to eat, I realized.

I headed to the cleaning supply and paper products aisle to get some essentials I'd needed for my new home, the original reason for my outing. 

All the while praying.....

Returning home much later and setting my keys down on the Queen Anne style entry table alongside my two plastic sacks of purchases, I felt incredibly blessed to be walking in my door and coming home that night because not everyone did.... 

All the while praying..... 

Brushing my teeth, washing my face and rinsing it with cool water, carefully flossing and applying cold face cream, I continued praying up until I drifted off to sleep, my head heavy upon the squishy pillow, my mind mentally drained and my body weary from sheer physical exhaustion, adrenaline now long passed.


The streets are slick, I notice from the downpour hours ago that night, creating slippery spots where oil has pooled in the street and not washed away. Halos of light from the street lights highlight the street every few feet giving drivers just enough guidance to make their way along the inky tree lined street.

I approach the wide intersection ahead flicking on my blinker to make a left turn as the traffic light turns from red to green. As I make the turn something catches in my peripheral vision and I glance to my left. 

My heart skips a beat. 

Oh God, no.... 

My stomach feels like its been misplaced. 

I see skin. 

I see bare legs. 
Laying on the ground. 

"Is that.... ? Noooo... It can't be..." I whisper under my breath. 

But it is. 

I immediately make a u-turn. 

The small black car ahead of me does the same and comes to a stop, it's red hazard lights pulsating at me. A man gets out and begins waving his arms at me. 

I roll down my window. The surprising cool summer night air hits my face.

He says he will stay with them if I'll call for help and try to warn oncoming drivers. 

I agree and quickly turn my SUV around. 


"911... What's your emergency?" 

"I need paramedics, an ambulance, someone please!" 

"Okay, ma'am, what's going on?" 

"There's been a motorcycle crash. There are two people laying in the road. Please hurry.... they are not moving."

"Okay, are you with them?" 

"No, a gentleman is staying with them while I try to warn oncoming traffic so they don't get hit." 

"Okay, ma'am, please be careful. I'm sending help right now." 

I pull my SUV into the median facing oncoming traffic. It's 2 a.m. and luckily not many vehicles are on the road at this time of night but the chance someone would come along was enough to warrant a need to deter them. I press the button on my dash for my hazard lights to flash and then intermittently begin flashing my head lights at an oncoming car. It doesn't appear to be slowing down so I begin blaring the horn which causes the driver to brake and slow their speed, looking over at me with a look of bewilderment initially but then coming to a stop by what they see ahead in the road. By that time a truck is barreling in our direction and once again I lay on the horn and flash my lights at it. The driver chooses to ignore my warning and narrowly skids to the side of the street into the gutter hitting the curb at the last possible minute. 

Just then the blare of a fire engine siren can be heard as it turns the corner, lights flashing and heads toward the scene thankfully to help. 


Sometimes we come across situations in life that we don't plan for. Who could ever plan for a night like that? The couple on the motorcycle didn't anymore know they would be in need of dire help later that night than I knew that a very simple late night trip out to fetch some supplies after a long night of painting would put me and the gentleman who also stopped in a position of perfect timing to help them. 

We never know when God will use us to help someone….  

To be in a certain place at just the right time. 

God calls us to step out in this world and help others, to care and sacrifice for all those in need... to take risks and live boldly.... for if we died doing the right thing would that be so bad?

How blessed are we… 
To be chosen by Him! 

© ~ 2013 

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