Monday, August 26, 2013

Sacrifice: A Man's Love

"We can't expect a man who has an ugly view of women
 to sacrifice for his wife as he will see himself as superior
 to her along with her needs and desires being less-than his." 


What could possibly be wrong with sacrifice in a marriage as there is beauty in it.... just like Christ's love for us. Imagine how much more marriage can be with a man who is living by the word of God alongside his wife... two people who are truly committed to one another. How beautiful it is if a husband is encouraging his wife to become everything she can be also... when both individuals feel the freedom of balance and one not being weighted down like a brick while the other experiences the joy of floating. We are meant to be encouragers in life and by supporting each others dreams we build up those we love, not drain and take away leaving little left. 

A Man's Self Vs SACRIFICE... 

Is he willing to sacrifice the comforts of life he desires to provide what you need if necessary? 

Is he willing to sacrifice his life for you?

Is he by your side when you are sick, sacrificing his other pursuits as he knows you are the most important person in his life? 

Is he on your side, are you working together as a team or do you feel as though he is living for himself within the marriage?  

A Man's View Of Women... will affect his view of sacrificing for his wife.

Is he walking in the light and not in the dark ways of the world; the crassness and vulgarity spoken of women? The dirty objectification of women? 

Does he deem women without value and useless to him other than being used for sex? 

Does he see women as invisible after age 30? After age 40? After age 50?

Does he view women as people with actual feelings, thoughts and intelligence or merely a once attractive woman now used, over the hill and riddled with aging imperfections? 

When there are sacrifices extended in purposeful love by each partner in a relationship, in a marriage... this creates a healthy environment where each spouse is encouragingly propelled by the other to pursue their personal goals however large or small. It may not always be perfectly equal (and likely won't be) but if attempts are made so each person feels heard, their dreams valued and encouraged... beautiful things can happen in a marriage as each person grows individually, reaching their own potential, ultimately bringing each of you closer together in communication and love! .... this being an example of a healthy marriage. 

"As women, we may sacrifice nearly to a fault, becoming people pleasers and ultimately becoming dissatisfied and depressed. We need to guard against sacrificing so much that we become a doormat and lose who we are and what we wish for in this life. Teaching our daughters this is essential and that marrying a man who understands and lives the concept that sacrifice should be mutual is vital to her future marriage being a healthy one." 

We can't have light and darkness in our marriage and thus if we marry someone we should share the same beliefs and purposely live the same walk. We may marry someone who sold us a facade of being a follower of God and then once the "I do's" are exchanged and we are behind closed doors come to realize it was all a good talk without action to back it up. 

2 Corinthians 6:14 

Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

Genuine love is always marked by the hallmark trait of being open, trusting one another, loyalty and giving each spouse the freedom to live authentically. 

Alternatively, unhealthy love is demonstrated by selfishness, disloyalty and love of self... shown by destructive behaviors such as using one's spouse to fuel solely their own ambitions and dreams. Expectations may be placed incredibly high upon the sacrificing spouse that it causes each spouse to become frustrated... eventually the one who continually takes and takes feels his never ending needs and desires still aren't being met... so he seeks additional fulfillment through sins like affairs or addiction.

      God gave us the ultimate sacrifice... 

               His son Jesus Christ

When we live boldly, fearlessly, walking in selflessness with each other in our marriages, choosing to marry someone in which we both share living out God's purposeful love through action... we have the opportunity to be a beautiful example to others in their marriages... 

To be sacrificing and encouraging. 

That doesn't have to be merely a dream. 

It can be a beautiful reality. 

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