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What Women Like: Romance + Godly Character

"I know what women like!" my son announced to me with a confident tone in his voice. 

Amused, I had to hear what his pearls of wisdom were and paused, setting aside the box I had been unpacking filled with his legos and Lionel train accessories. 

"Oh, really?" I raised an eyebrow with a grin... "Tell me." I prompted him.

Excited to share his thoughts, he continued. 

"They like romance, sunsets, walks on the beach. They like you to tell them they are beautiful. Oh! And they like cruises. They REALLY like cruises!" my son added with certainty. 

I wasn't sure why he was so adamant about cruises but as we talked in more depth about what women like I realized he had placed romance before morals and Godly character. I made a mental note to myself that it was important to discuss a man's character in on-going conversations with him as being what women want also... because if we don't have a man of good moral character is a cruise really such a draw for us? 

Romance is like icing on a cupcake and without it our dating or marital relationships might be equated to a boring muffin. Add icing to the top and suddenly there is desire... sweetness and sparks flying from the candle atop it lit. But depending on the person romance doesn't always come easy. For some it comes easier than others... but when it does come easy... even then, there is such a thing as so many hours in a day, limited energy and perhaps creativity. 

Romance takes at least some effort on the part of each individual and despite the enjoyment of (expensive) cruises, much of showing how we feel for the one we love is in the little everyday things... showing the other person your appreciation for them. A lack of romance leads to staleness, boredom and feeling a sense of just going through the motions in life. We can choose to actively romance our spouse each and every day through small gestures of love and appreciation.

Attraction is obviously a good thing and what may initially bring two people together. Yet how often does someone's personality and character make them even more attractive to us? Attraction is of course desired in any relationship between a couple that is married or dating. If we marry someone whom we are not attracted to we will undoubtedly run into some problems later down the road. The last thing any of us would want to do in a marital relationship is to unwittingly jip the person we are spending the rest of our life with or ourselves by realizing later we simply lack any chemistry and are merely remaining stuck in the friend zone.

With that being said, beauty also comes from within; in the Godly character of each spouse and is incredibly important in terms of choosing who we marry. Man's automatic fleshly desire is to choose someone based on the outward   appearance. But the Lord always looks at our heart. Someone may marry "eye candy" and gush about what "beautiful babies" they will make. But what is this attraction or union solely based on? Lust? Image? Narcissim? We can all look intently at what our driving force is in who we are choosing to date and one day marry. 

Have you ever been around someone who was stunningly beautiful on the outside but inside had an ugly heart and treated those around them as inferior? Have you ever known someone who you found physically attractive on a lukewarm level but were all the more attracted to once you got to know them and realized what an incredibly wonderful person they were? 

Naturally we all want someone we are physically attracted to but we need to remain cognizant that the other attraction we must search for is biblical. We can remember that our inner warmth and genuineness from within shines brightly more and more as time goes by... 

and inner beauty aka Godly character is worth far more than any fleeting superficial appearance. 

Romance & Attraction: 
Some of the most important things a man can ask.... 

What makes her light up from within? 

What makes her heart light and free? 

What makes her heart happy and smile? 

What makes her draw closer to me in regards
 not in worldly things like materialism and cruises. 

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