Sunday, August 10, 2014

Transparency: Unmasking Our Worries



As I sat in church listening to the sermon it was one that touched a common issue for many people. It was about the importance of not putting on a facade for others… not behaving like you're fine when you're really not. When we act as though we are fine when were not… we ultimately suffer, not having someone to lean on… when in reality we truly need someone's understanding, someone empathetic to listen to our plight… whether were in a season or two (or three) of turbulent times, when we tell our fellow Christian friends were "fine" when the truth is were anything but… God sees this facade we put up… these walls of protecting ourselves from potential judgment or embarrassment. The truth is, church is one of the main places we can reach out to fellow believers and share any current grief, loss and pain.

If we don't feel that our church is a safe place to turn to… we might question if it's the right church… and yet in that it might be time to look closely at whether we've exhausted all our efforts at truly trying to get to know others and connect. If despite concerted attempts at connecting with others have failed then it may be time to find others outside the church we can find commonality with… if we've experienced an unexpected death of a loved one… if we've battled cancer and triumphed… maybe we've suffered domestic violence and have fled, beginning a new life… if we've experienced a new change in our life that requires adapting to a new diet or lifestyle for our own good… whether it's being diagnosed with celiac or diabetes, we can seek out others who are journeying through similar trials and changes in life… we can seek a support group to bridge the gap in our place of loneliness to support.

When we subscribe to worry and not lean on other's, maybe not even lean on God… we find ourselves on an island of solitary weariness. But we don't have to take up residence on that island alone… we can wave to others… invite them over… choosing to not merely smile and say "everything's fine" but instead take that deep breath and say "I'm actually really struggling with x…"

In our trials and worries 
we can remember... 
take heart in the fact 
we are not forsaken… 
God has not forgotten us. 

God never once promised us an easy life… He never said life wouldn't have troubles… but He did promise to walk with us as we forge through them… our circumstances may not change… at least not for awhile… maybe not ever… but God will be by your side the whole way… wanting you to lean on Him.

I have found it's the hardest to trust God when I'm in the deepest waters…

 I instinctively want to flail about… to thrash… to maybe even throw my hands up, get away, escape and run. 

We often just want the problem fixed, a solution found and the suffering to stop. Times like those are when it's hardest to trust Him it seems… and stay in place. It's in these times it may take someone telling us in so many words…
 "What's going on?" 
"I see that you're 
struggling and I'm here… " 

Instead of running, succumbing to worry and sinking… all of us, including myself need that rock… that strong person, that solid place to grasp onto…  we may erroneously believe sharing our momentary fight or flight equates to weakness or embarrassment… but I can assure you it doesn't. 

It means you're human… 
your transparency no matter if shared with a handful, dozens, thousands of people or with one behind closed doors… it shines brightly. 

And even if we don't share… 
even if we don't open up with others… 
we can choose to lay our worries at God's feet each day… 
we can choose to hand them over to Him. 

Prayer ~ 
Lord, please forgive me for not trusting you with my problems big and small. Forgive me when worry become a wedge in my faith. Please give me the strength to put all my worries in your hands. Help me learn to trust you more and believe you are always here for me through the good and difficult. Amen.

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  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! Exactly what i needed to hear. God is amazing!!! Thank you for being a light in this dark world!

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving such a kind comment! Have a blessed day ~ Jen