Sunday, July 27, 2014

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves? 

Somewhere we live inside 

Somewhere we live inside 

We were meant to live for so much more

Have we lost ourselves? 
Somewhere we live inside… 
Switchfoot "Meant To Live" 

Sometimes in life we may feel lost. 

It's so incredibly easy to get lost in our day to day lives. It's so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of each day... the harried rushed mornings, the commute, the mandatory meetings, the conference calls, demanding clients, scheduling and so forth. 

It's so very easy to get caught up in the usual... the sameness of routine… the quick send offs, the flurried goodbyes, the absentminded "MmmHmmm's" and "Hurry!" 

Life can become one big deadline, one huge leap... a sprint, a race... a marathon. We often feel pressure to "get there"... to meet a goal, a project completion date, a first kiss, a marriage date, a first house, a conception date, a ten year anniversary, fiftieth and so on… life can become one big "One day…" of wants, wishes and hopes…

But then sadly…

"One day" never gets here.

Time keeps passing us by and with each check in the morning mirror we may notice more crow's feet, more graying hair and maybe looking past the reflection in the mirror a lot less fun.

Perhaps life has become one long list of… 

"Hopefully soon…"  

"Hopefully soon we will go on that cruise." 

"Hopefully soon we will go on a vacation that involves
 being gone more than a measly two or three days." 

"Hopefully soon we will go on that date night or overnight." 

"Hopefully soon we will have that pajama day at home, make waffles and connect." 

"Hopefully soon we will go back home to visit Mama." 

"Hopefully soon we will take the kids on that trip to Disneyland." 

"Hopefully soon we will… "

What's on your list?

What do you hope to do? 

The very word "Hope" means faith that such and such will happen, something wonderful will take place… that we believe it will come to fruition.

But in that "Hopefully we will…" is there excuse lurking?

Is excuse or procrastination insidiously hanging in that sentence we utter with the somewhat (?) convincing tone we use?


We don't have to lose ourselves in life. We don't have to subscribe to a life where everything that has special meaning to us is put on the perpetual back burner… we can claim today…  that we will pull out the calendar and begin marking definitive dates we will go live for so much more than just work and stress. We can claim today… today that we will choose our children over our iPhone, our late night at the office or a skipped family dinner. We can realize that we may have second tries… we may be able to say "I've got a chance to do this again…" but only so many times do we get that chance. Are we living with our eyes half open, stumbling through the commitments and motions or are we fully awake and tuned in to our very present moment?

We all want more than what this world has to offer… Christians ultimately want Heaven… we want peace, we want love, we want Jesus… and we all want our slice of Heaven here on earth while we walk this land… we won't find it in an office cubicle… but we will outside…

In the glorious beauty God has given us in this world… where land meets blue painted skies.

Where is your little piece of Heaven on earth? 

Maybe it's the snow-capped mountains… the majestic trees, the lakes and rivers… maybe it's the desert and all it's simplistic beauty… or maybe it's like mine… the sandy beach.

This past week I was blessed to relax a bit where my little slice of Heaven is on earth... in Florida I spent some time on Barefoot Beach in Naples. If you haven't been it's a wonderful place to take your family. The Barefoot Beach State Preserve has beautiful beaches and turtles.

Wherever your slice of Heaven is on earth… be sure you take some time there now and then… don't let it become relegated to a "Hopefully" with good intentions that never come to pass.

Because we aren't meant to just exist.

Were meant to live

© ~ 2014 


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