Saturday, November 9, 2013

Men: What Women Love About Them


As women we may each dislike a few who have crossed our path, who have inflicted great hurt at one time or another during our lifetime.... 

yet however maddening one or two may be, we must admit as a whole we love men. 

I truly believe as women we may sometimes get so caught up in focusing on what we don't like about men that it's very easy for us to lose sight of what we do love about them!

The news media highlights politicians, religious leaders, men in positions of power and influence, men right in our own neighborhoods.... chronicled every evening on the news.... in which man after countless man has killed, cheated, raped, etc, degrading women.... the list goes on indefinitely regarding the heinous acts committed against females all over the world. 

After hearing what often appears to be an endless, sad, heartbreaking cycle of men not doing the right thing it's no wonder that women may become frustrated.... seeing bleakness and an overall decline in the communities they reside in and effectively the world.

When the man we call ours is on the couch with us watching the latest football game as we rest our head on his shoulder.... we can remember the things we love about him.... about men in general.... and not let any inner complaints about them take over our internal dialogue but instead remain positive and savor the little things that make up a man. 

As women what we love about men.... 

1. They make so much that they do look effortless....they have the ability to assess and just do what is needed with calm focus. 

2. There is a undeniable sexiness about them when driving a stick shift, getting into a truck, building anything, changing the oil, lifting and moving anything heavy, etc. 

3. A man combing his daughter's hair, playing any physical sport with his son or the guys, painting his daughter's toes always makes us smile.

4. Reading the bible with his children, teaching God's word has to be the most valuable time a man can spend with his family and cherished by his wife.

5. Leading grace at the dinner table. 

6. Finding our hand and holding it during church service and singing hymns. There is something so intimate about this simple act during Sunday service.

7. Picking up take out or making us tea, chicken noodle soup, etc when we are sick. We always appreciate these thoughtful gestures.

8. Men in general tend to make less quick judgements and give others a chance first before forming an opinion. 

9. Their simplicity.... a warm meal, sex, kindness, respect and the remote. 

10. When they are protective and embrace us like a bear, it makes the day no matter how awful melt away. 

11. With their greater strength they always have the ability to hurt, to over power and destroy those weaker than him yet when he always chooses light, love and tenderness it is incredibly attractive.

12. When they value their health and taking care of their bodies. They don't have to grace the cover of a fitness magazine yet a man working out, sweating and extending his life span is a picture of a positive and long future. 

13. Their 5 o'clock shadow or a few days stubble, a beard, etc highlights their masculinity versus our soft femininity. 

14. Their words of care.... whether written or spoken have the ability to resemble hot butter on golden toast.... and always make us melt with sweet appreciation.

15. Taking charge and swooping in when we've clearly over done it, pushed ourselves too far or the kids have sent us to the brink of insanity.... him saying "Go rest. I'm taking over from here tonight."

16. When he comes home to find the children have misbehaved terribly and nothing irritates him more to find they've disrespected you. He takes the reins; addressing them and their behavior with Godly wisdom.

17. When he plays with our hair or brushes it during a movie or game. And let's us wear his shirt to bed.

18. Their ability to talk about topics they excel in with confidence but not egotism whether it's sports, politics, history, finance, building, landscaping, technology etc. Having the confidence to let us shine as well and be encouragers.

19. His humor, his occasional boyish silliness, sometimes we may catch a glimpse of him when he was five and it makes us smile. 

20. His ability to bring us to the climatic sweet victory of orgasm enjoying our satisfaction given by him the one we love selflessly too.

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