Monday, November 18, 2013

Her Arm & Heart Were Broken Yet God Saw Her Need

Every time I pull onto my tree lined street the corner house makes me take notice. Take notice of what it's missing. It's the one yard on the block that lacks a tree leaving an empty spot that looks noticeably lacking next to the other's nearby.

I always think to myself "I wonder why they don't plant a tree?"

For what one person may notice in life and believe stands out with screaming significance another person may not even have on their radar.

Isn't that often what it must be like for God?

God always sees what we need.

Even though we may believe differently or not even notice.

Maybe we think we have it all figured out and know exactly what we need for ourselves when in reality we are so far off base it resembles nothing like God's plan for us.

Or perhaps we count on someone taking care of our needs that unfortunately doesn't.



 - some names have been withheld in this post - 

Rinsing my hands at the kitchen sink I reached out for the blue and white gingham dishtowel to dry my hands. As I did, I looked out the kitchen window, my eyes taking in the expansive shady flagstone patio with steps leading down to the grassy lawn below with perennial gardens trimming it's perimeter. Just past the towering pecan tree was my little sister on her new cherry red bike. She was bravely trying to keep her balance, clinging to the handlebars… with tiny spurts she was beginning to make leeway propelling herself forward with her feet on the pedals. It was when she attempted to maneuver a turn, she began losing her balance and precariously falling. Unable to catch herself, down she went, along with the bike too. 

Fully expecting her to get up, dust herself off and try again, I was instead surprised to see her struggling  to get up from the ground… to instead see her one arm disengaged in the effort…. uncooperatively refusing to help. Any pressure upon it caused her great visible pain and she resignedly stayed put on the ground cradling her hurt arm and looking up at the house with searching eyes for someone. I could faintly make out her crying plea for help and throwing down the dishtowel on the countertop I ran outside with a call over my shoulder to our parents that she was hurt. 

Approaching her sitting forlornly on the ground she squinted up at me in the bright sunlight and said her arm hurt, that she thought she might have broken it. Our dad strode up behind me as she spoke followed by my mother and youngest sister. He briskly told her to get up which was met with her plaintive cry that she couldn't, that her arm was hurt and likely broken. Angrily repeating his order to get up, she bit her lip and winced…  getting up with tears rolling down her cherub face. 

We all watched in our familiar horrified detachment as he snatched up the bike from the ground and walked purposefully to the garage declaring this wasn’t going to happen again, that clearly she couldn’t even ride it without falling off of it. Her new shiny red bike was tossed angrily into the garage by our father like a discarded piece of trash. He never once stopped to consider he was expecting too much of her. She’d never ridden a bike before. Now that she was well established in grade school he ridiculously expected her to know how and on the first attempt. Then he added insult to injury in that he saw she was hurting and refused to lend his hand and help her up. His anger she had gotten hurt… had wedged herself into a pickle took over any empathy that existed for her hurt arm that turned out was indeed broken. 

But it wasn't just her arm that was broken. 

It was her heart. 

She had needed his hand. 

She had needed his help. 

She had needed his love. 

She had needed his hand to wipe away her tear. 

She had needed kind words spoken to her with care. 

God saw what she needed even though her earthly father couldn't or didn't. 

He always sees a need.

And he does for you too. 

© ~ 2013 

this blog is dedicated to my sister - God loves you 

Even when someone doesn't give us what we need or when what we believed we needed doesn't come to fruition but instead another plan does…. we can remember that God always knows what we need in life. We can take comfort in this, remembering God not only knows what is best for us, but will give us a sustaining comfort we can count on from Him. 

And my God will meet all your needs according to the
 riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

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commenting and sharing! 

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