Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Ambulance = A Fighting Chance & Hope

It's late at night…. 

between those hours of nine and midnight that I hear sirens wailing in the distance... on their way to someone... an ambulance soon to arrive on the scene and give aid, help and most of all... 


  We all need it at some point or another. 

Hearing sirens in the still of the night, in the midst of a quiet house after everyone's gone to bed and there's not any background noise from a tv or radio to subdue it brings it to my attention front and center. The flashing lights and siren  are not symbols of tragedy, of fear, of despair to me but of hope... pulsating hope that's not been put out but that shows there is someone who still has a fighting chance. 


Not everyone gets an ambulance. 

Not everyone gets aid. 

Not everyone gets help. 

Not everyone still has a fighting chance. 

My sister who was killed by a drunk driver didn't get an ambulance. 

It was too late.

Years ago I used to cringe when I'd hear the sirens of an ambulance but now I pray... in the siren itself is a call to send up prayers because I realize whoever they are they still have a fighting chance... prayer always has the ability to make a difference in someone's life. 

We never know when it might be us needing a call for help, a helpful hand, a small window of need that could be filled in the form of prayers sent above. 

In the blink of an eye things can change so suddenly. In the blink of an eye our life can take a turn for the better or worse. We are never guaranteed tomorrow and yet in that we all stand a fighting chance to make today great. To make today something special to remember. To make TODAY be the beginning of the best chapter of your life. 

In the blink of an eye we can lose someone we love and although it always takes our breath away, it always jolts us to the present, to sit up and pay attention... we're always undeniably struck by how unexpectedly life can change so quickly but yet in that shock why should we be? We aren't given any guarantees, we aren't handed a letter in writing promising so many years or a winning ticket guaranteeing our health, youth and life... these are all fleeting and numbered. 

No matter how much time we have left in this life... whether it be a little or a lot we can all stand in victory knowing we are taking that chance to do great things, to love our families, to love our friends, love our children, to reach out and simply say "thanks for being you", to love a stranger... we still have a fighting chance to change what we don't like in our lives, what isn't pleasing to God, what isn't producing fruit.... we can still become who we are meant to be, we can still choose to live a life in which we drop the mask, the poker face and instead be ourselves... we can still choose to love freely, to not hold back, to fold into our spouse's embrace and whisper "I love you, this moment and our life together", to call that person you've been meaning to call, to reach out to those you've put on the back burner, to tell those you love those three little words... "I love you."

You still have a fighting chance. 

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