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31 Things To Teach My Son

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31 Things To Teach My Son:

1. Feelings are perfectly ok... sad, angry, hurt, disappointed, etc. You are not less of a man by admitting you are upset. No one should dictate how you feel. However, how you handle your feelings is important.

2. Responsibility. Whether it's for yourself or a wife and children too... you have responsibilities in life you must follow; following God, providing, caring for your family, just to name a few.

3. Give yourself credit. You are incredibly smart, witty, and kind.

4. Realize your worth but don't become fixated on ego, love of self and materialism. This leads to the destruction of not only yourself but others around you.

5. Pray and pray some more. Stay connected with God and give thanks daily.

6. Ask for help when needed. This doesn't equate to weakness... nor does going to therapy or marital counseling.

7. Dating; be vulnerable, tell her you love her if you do. Don't keep her wondering or you may lose her.

8. Open doors, say please and thank you, use table manners, make eye contact and give a firm handshake.

9. There should not be expectations behind everything we do. Doing nice things for others "just because" is a loving way to live. Don't keep score.

10. A Godly man doesn't whine or complain about having to support and/or lead his wife and children. He steps up and does the honorable thing with pleasure.

11. Follow the rules... traffic laws, paying taxes, business ethics, etc.

12. Being a leader means guiding not controlling. Finding solutions and compromise, inspiring those around you and setting a good example is much more important than dictating other's behavior.

13. Physical, emotional and verbal abuse is not acceptable. Especially toward women. Always treat women with respect.

14. Focus on saving money for retirement. Don't place all your money in a house, car etc.

15. Contribute to the household by always cleaning up your messes. Put the toilet lid down.

16. Control yourself and your impulses. Road rage is not a pretty sight.

17. If you marry, your wife will be your equal. Treat her accordingly; ask her opinion.

18. If you aren't ready for a baby (and preferably married) you shouldn't be having sex.

19. Take care of yourself; use sunscreen, brush and floss daily, see your doctor/dentist regularly, eat right and exercise.

20. Admit when you are wrong. People will respect you more when you humble yourself.

21. I will always be your mom but your wife should come first. When you marry your wife you marry her entire family and you'd better all get along or your marriage will suffer.

22. Tailor your purchases specifically to the woman you are dating/married to... her favorite flower, (may not be the standard red roses) her favorite perfume, her favorite chocolate, etc.

23. Cleanliness is important; clean clothes, a daily shower, deodorant, groomed hair and nails.

24. Cooking... learn how to cook at least a handful of good meals.

25. Your bible.... read it often and as a family.

26. Humor should involve more than the potty... what is funny at 18 is not usually at 35. Same for burping contests.

27. Love unconditionally. The best way to raise Godly children is to love your wife and put her first right after God. By doing this everything else falls into place.

28. Don't pick favorites amongst your children, as it creates unneeded rivalries, jealousies and manipulation tactics between your children for a contentious life long relationship.

29. Stand up for yourself calmly and respectfully.

30. Stand firm under peer pressure. Don't cave in to the evils of the world like drugs, excess alcohol and any addictions.

31. No matter how old you are I'll always be here for you and love you with all my heart.

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