Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wishes On Stars: Someone's Great Love Is Already Written For You

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Wish Upon A Star...

"Look at the stars... it's so pretty..." I whispered to my daughter cuddled in my king sized bed with me as we gazed up at the vaulted ceiling. It was one of those mother daughter moments when you wish time would stand still... that you could freeze this moment and their small hands, toes and noses would never grow, never change and you could relish this forever. Stars in colors of green, purple and blue were projected onto the ceiling above us from her well loved unicorn Dream Lite.... stars magically changed colors before our eyes in the dark comfort and coziness of the room... the only background noise being the air conditioning coming on to cool the house on another hot June night. We laid there together side by side under the pale gray sheets quietly watching the stars change from green to purple to blue then back to green again....

"You can make a wish...." I told her.

"What should I wish for?" she asked softly never taking her eyes off the stars overhead. Her freshly washed soft blonde brown hair reminiscent of beach waves smelled like a mixture of Aveeno shampoo and Caress body wash in scents of coconut, orchid and lily.

"Anything you want." I replied easily in return.

"I want a new daddy." she whispered in the quiet of the room.

My heart sank.

I could only assume that what she truly wanted was the daddy she had to stop behaving how he was. Understandably, she wanted him to stop snapping, to stop yelling, to stop ordering, to stop twisting, to stop lying, to stop controlling....

to just stop. 

How often as children and adults do we wish we could change the people in our life? Sometimes, the changes we believe that are needed are justified and truly would make a positive difference in our lives and other's.

But we can't change other's no matter how much we want them to. We can pray to God for change and we may see it come to fruition or other times not. We may question why God is not doing more or doing anything to change this person or that person in our life. Undoubtedly it can be frustrating for us and as human beings we want answers and results.... and with that typically yesterday, as we don't usually enjoy waiting much. The answer as to why a person hasn't changed isn't always an easy one or maybe ever even realized but people do have the ability to change... especially if they are open to God working in them and readily humble themselves before Him. For through Him we can do anything.

Until change takes place or even if it never does, we can take comfort in knowing that God is with us and sees our frustration. It's perfectly fine to go to God with our hurts and disappointments and lay them before Him and ask for comfort and healing which will act as a soothing balm for our hurting hearts.

We may have faced tear jerking, heart wrenching disappointments in our life... we may want change to take place in the people in our life. But we can hold fast onto God and remember that even in the midst of the yelling, the snapping, the obscenities, the fear and the control inflicted by the earthly father in our life...

Thankfully we don't have to make a wish on a star that God is there for us.

It's already written in the stars.

God is who made them. 

It's not magic.

It's very real.

He is there.

Always and forever.

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