Monday, May 6, 2013

Your Wallet: Money Or Faith?

Your wallet... 

It might be expensive, it might be a designer name, it could be a leather pouch, or made of floral printed fabric or simply a money clip. Whatever you carry and use to hold your money.... it or the money inside doesn't define you. Here on earth we use wallets to carry our money but one day we will enter Heaven empty handed. We will arrive with nothing.

We aren't special due to the faces on the bills
 in our wallet... we aren't special if we are wealthy. 

We aren't worthless if we have little in our wallet.  

Your worth to God is not based on how much or how little money you have. We have to keep in mind that just like our life here is fleeting.... so is our money. Just because we may have financial excess right now doesn't automatically ensure we will in the future. God may change our circumstances to help teach us; so we become more reliant on Him versus ourselves, to humble our nature so we remember that He will provide for our needs but there is such a thing as excess or even greed in life. God wants us to place our total trust in Him instead of in our work, stocks, IRA's, 401k's and the economy.

We also need to make sure we are not subscribing to an "I'm poor mentality" and comparing ourselves to the Joneses. We need to be very cognizant that if we have what we need we are abundantly blessed. Just because we may not be able to afford private school, dance lessons, week long yearly trips to the coast and facials does not correlate to being "poor." It does not correlate to being "less than" or "not where we should be." We can thank God each and every day that He has provided us with what we need.... enough groceries for each week, enough gas to fill our vehicles, a soft bed to sleep in each night, warm water and toiletries, and working utilities to keep our homes comfortable. Continually thanking God for all He provides and being grateful for those basics.... we can then pray for additional abundance in our lives.

We don't have to 
rely upon ourselves...
or money.

We can rely on our faith in God. 

We can look at the ways we spend our money and see in what areas we could improve. Are we spending our money in ways that honor God? Are we purchasing books that further our spiritual growth and walk in faith? Are we donating money to churches and charities that will do good in the world and help other's? Are we spending our money wisely with regards to our children and what is it teaching them about God? These are all questions we can ask ourselves so we can make any improvements needed in our life.

Our money and circumstances
may change but one 
thing is always certain... 

there is one that will never change... 

and that is God and His true love for us. 

A faithful man will abound with blessings,
 but whoever hastens to be 
rich will not go unpunished.

 Proverbs 28:20 (ESV)

© ~ 2013 

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