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Healing From A Sexual Past Leads Us To Pure Love

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We may have engaged in sex before marrying but this does not mean we are less than. As a teenager, just because you may have already had sex outside the sanctity of marriage does not imply that you must now walk the path of shame and leave the path of unconditional love that Jesus walks. 

So many teen girls today wince with shame once they have had sex with someone, erroneously believing that they can never be seen as worthy again... that they cannot be loved, that their future husband (if he does judge you he's not the right guy) or even Jesus will think less of them. 

This is far from the truth. The truth is... Jesus loves you. He does not base his love for you on your behavior. His love is unconditional. He sees your sin but he asks you to turn from it, repent and move forward with him. Jesus looks at your heart as the root issue.... 

He looks at your heart for hate, envy, greediness, lust, unforgiveness, etc and how these are then  reflected in your life. No matter what issue(s) you are struggling with, He helps you overcome!

It is not holy to shame others for the sin, regrets, guilt and impure acts they have committed between the sheets with another person before marriage, for not one of us is perfect and perfection is impossible to achieve. We would all benefit to acknowledge the beauty and sacredness of sharing an intimate sexual relationship with only the one we marry. God designed marriage as the ultimate expression of love between two people. Prior to our marriage vows we can look within, at ourselves and at any sexual sin we have engaged in...

Sometimes we may grapple with the emotional fall out of having a sexual relationship that we later regret. We can choose to face it head on and immerse ourselves in the past we may not want to embrace. We can go into those dark corners, the pits, those muddied areas and force ourselves to languish in it... to feel it, to grasp it, instead of turning away and pretending it doesn't exist. Once we allow ourselves to feel the deep emotions we have been pushing away we can boldly throw on a coat of courage and meet up with Jesus. There, in those dark depths... that shame we keep trying to swat away, like an annoying mosquito that carries an infectious disease we can choose to face what we need to and find light once again. Jesus can help us become conquerers!

He won't condemn you. 

He won't shame you. 
He won't hate you. 
He won't ignore you. 

He will hold you.

He will convict you.
He will love you.
He will cleanse you. 
He will restore you.

We don't have to live in regret, in shame, in despair or grief over our pre-marital sexual past. Remind yourself that your past does not define you... what you've done or not done. It doesn't matter for God is here with you always holding your hand and walking beside you in pure love. 

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