Thursday, May 9, 2013

Abortion: You Aren't Your Choice

Silent grief. 

There's no baby. 

There's no funeral. 

There's no grave to visit.

Abortion is permanent. 

There are no do overs. 

But now....

maybe you are left wondering what the child would have been like. 

maybe you are left wondering what you have missed. 

maybe you are left wondering how it would have changed you.

Maybe at the time you believed you made the right decision.

Maybe at the time you weren't sure what to do but had to make a decision.

Maybe at the time you didn't realize how this decision would follow you the rest of your life.

But now here you are. 

Years have passed and yet the pain may still be there if not perhaps magnified. 

Years have passed and yet you may still feel the loss and emptiness within. 

Years have passed and yet society today still claims that wasn't really a child. 

But your heart whispers within and now tells you otherwise. 

It's filled with regret and guilt and conviction and possibly even shame.

Maybe of all the missteps in your life, of all your decisions, of all your choices you regret this the most.

You want to grieve and yet may not know how.

You may drown in silent grief and bite your tongue not daring to speak of what you did.

You may keep silent and not tell anyone. Because what would they say?

They might judge. 

But no matter what you choose to say or not share....

Take heart and know that God is there for you.

There was a baby. That was yours. That you carried however briefly.

And you have every right to mourn that baby and reach out to God for comfort.

Maybe all you have left is the sonogram, the receipt or the discharge/recovery papers...

But in the midst of those tangible memories that are tucked away in your dresser, in a shoebox or in a desk, remember that your child is with God.... in His presence, in His light and with God you can find peace... by reminding yourself that you are NOT your decision, you are NOT your past mistakes, you are NOT your misguided choices. You are LOVED by God and by convicting you He is not condemning you.

God's grace is way bigger 
than your choice. 

You had a choice. 

But so does God. 

And He still chooses you. 

© ~ 2013

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Thank you for reading, 

commenting and sharing! 

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