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What Defines A Well Lived Life?

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What defines a "well lived life"?

What do you hold important?

Imagine you had unlimited money and time.

If you had these things how would you use them?

Is the picture of a well lived life yours?
Or does it belong to someone else?
Has your definition of a well lived life stayed the same or changed over the years?

We can continually reassess what beliefs we hold so we remain true to ourselves and not sway.

What if you had limited time left here on earth? How would use it? Who would you call?  Who would you make certain you spent time with? What would you do?

When someone passes away and while reading their obituary or listening to the eulogy at their funeral... what would speak to you? What would make you take pause and say to yourself:

"Wow, they lived well."

Is it the amount of friends they had? Their education level? Their accomplishments through work or their community? Maybe it's their financial wealth and status. Perhaps it's who they knew or the things they owned.

Or maybe... just maybe it's something else entirely.


they love deeply

they love their friends as much as their siblings

they cry tears of joy when their friends give birth

they smile with warmth at the recollection of memories so long ago they should be forgotten

they have experienced the most painful losses but cherish the memories of the ones they've loved

they know love should never be mediocre and will not settle for anything less than

they love brightening others days with words of encouragement and cheering them on

they cry with heartache when they hear of someone else's tribulations or illness

they pray for those who have wronged them, those they have lost, and those they still care for from afar

they love God and want to know Him better each and every day

they give life to their dreams which triumph...because triumph is merely "try" with some "umph" in it

they share God's word with their children and love them with fierce devotion 

they open the door for others and offer their seat

they give of their time selflessly and even when it's not accepted know that it's appreciated

they make way for the angry driver to get ahead because they need a bit of grace that day just like they themselves needed last week

they break down any walls they've built as protection and commit to live their life with open arms

they hold onto God and their thread of faith that life will improve even in their darkest hours

they allow tears to free fall when a song plays on the radio because somewhere mixed in those tears is love

they give other's all they can of themselves because giving love never leaves one empty

they love in all seasons, because love is fruitful and fruit is always good for you

they know they are loved not for what they do but because Jesus died for them 


 a well lived life is a sink of dirty dishes because they are blessed to have food

 a well lived life is laundry to fold and a pile to wash because they are blessed to have clothes to wear

 the little things their children leave out are reminders of the fleeting time with them

the shoes they trip over everyday are evidence they have opportunities to travel near or far

 a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is a sign of warmth, comfort and home 

maybe if they know nothing else they know one thing...

that a well lived life is one with God in it 

and God ultimately = love

© ~ 2013 

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