Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being Secure In Who We Are Helps Others


definition: fixed or fastened so as not to become loose or lost

sure, certain, confident, assured, steady

How secure are we? 

When we dwell in God's presence we are secure.

When we are fixed on God's word we are secure.

When we are confident of God's love for us we are secure.

If you are dwelling with someone more powerful than the enemy you will surely be secure.

When we are secure in God's love for us we can then embrace the freedom that brings...

Being secure in ourselves and those we love.

In Dark Passage starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, a film noir from 1947, Bogart stars as Vincent Parry falsely accused of murdering his wife. The movie opens with him escaping San Quentin and holing up in Irene Jansen's apartment (Lauren Bacall). Vincent sees a surgeon for plastic surgery to change his appearance which results in a bandaged face for weeks as it heals and having to succumb to a liquid diet. Irene keeps him secured in her apartment and slowly nurses him back to health and their relationship unfolds. Think how vulnerable Vincent had to be with Irene, wondering if she would take advantage of his weak state or protect him. Yet she was loyal to him and as he grew stronger so did their relationship.

Vincent knew he had been given a raw deal and knew he'd been framed. But he also knew he could heal, have better and a fresh start. But how often do we sabotage ourselves in life by thinking we don't deserve any better? It keeps us stuck. Stagnant and down. We don't have to place ourselves in a personal prison or allow others to by subjecting ourselves to a victim mentality.

We can all choose to get out of our pits in life. We can choose to wade through the darkness, slowly climb out and turn toward the light. God loves us and values us just as we are. No matter how much negativity we've experienced in our life God doesn't expect us to live in a negative emotional state.

We are not meant to keep our life experiences negative or positive hidden from others in this life. Modern society has programmed us to keep our poker face set, our challenges buried deep and a facade of perfection plastered over our lives. In turn this causes other's to believe they are the only ones struggling and feel as if they are drowning in their own isolating pit. They begin the agonizing comparison we now often see through social media sites like Facebook etc....comparing our behind the scenes with someone else's life reel of perfect highlights.

Instead we can take that step out. That risk. To be ourselves. To not hide our flaws, imperfections or life challenges. We can each make the conscious choice the next time we meet a friend for lunch and they ask "How are you?" to be open, honest and free with our response.

We are not designed to internalize our life struggles, as they become like an internal sponge and cause sickness, anxiety, grief, despair, depression, isolation and darkness. We can each let go of fear of judgment when we know our great value and security in God's eyes and step out in kindness toward others sharing our struggles because it does something great...

It makes them feel safe to do the same. 

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