Monday, January 21, 2013

Life & Divorce: When Plans Change

When plans change.

Many of us have plans for our life that through some circumstance, either sin or merely misguided free will, has the ability to alter our plans sometimes temporarily or even permanently. This can be due to our own doing or others. Other times perhaps its simply due to tragedy or events outside our control.

Whatever the cause, it can be understandably incredibly frustrating when our plans change. Each of us have so many plans for our life and yet our plan might not always be the best plan for us or what we had expected.

Time passes and experiences help shape us and God
 can use the most horrific, the most ugly and the most seemingly 
hopeless to make something beautiful that in turn can help others.

We all have so many plans for our lives. 

We may carry them around in our pocket on a yellowed piece of paper as a bucket list of sorts. We may have them stored in our iPhone or journaled in a pretty notebook on our bed stand. Or we may simply keep a mental list in our head that we periodically add or subtract from. Whatever your plans are know that they are important and that we each have the ability to do something amazing with them.

When we dare to dream and make big plans we not only push ourselves to reach out further but we inspire others to also.

I have plans....

to publish a book

to continue to raise my children to know God and know his love for them

to help women and teen girls know that their worth does not come from what they look like, a man, or their past, etc.... but from God

to go to Paris

.... and so much more. 

I've always wanted to go to Paris. I want the kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower. I want that beautiful moment and a snapshot of it. And now due to life changes I'm wondering who on earth one day I will go with. I can be happy being alone anywhere in the world but being alone in Paris just doesn't seem right…it would be wonderful to share it with someone.

We aren't always prepared for the times when our plans change even if only temporarily due to death, loss, divorce, addiction, sickness, jobs, etc. But we can be assured of one thing if nothing else: God has a plan for us. It may not be our plan. But it's his plan. We can all remind ourselves that...

God's plan will be bigger than anything we could dream.

God's plan will reach further than ours.

And through us he can inspire others.... 

to dream big and reach further too. 

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