Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roots: Who Is At The Top Of Your Family Tree?

Trees take root and grow stronger each and every year. 

The branches multiply and become stronger as do the roots below the ground. 

A tree is often compared to the roots and growth of a family. Often great grandparents or ancestors even further back in our family line are placed at the top of the family tree. But who really belongs at the top?

Great Grandmother may have been known for her German Strudel or skilled at sewing but should surely not be placed before God. When we make God the head of our family tree we are making a commitment to put him first and foremost. We are showing our children and grandchildren what and who is important to us as a family.

We all have roots. Family roots that grow deep with meaningful traditions we hope to pass on to future generations. Memorable recipes, hand-sewn projects made with love and a grandfather's well worn chess set are all wonderful things to pass down.

But we can all ask ourselves what else are we passing down?

We may have roots from numerous places and find we are a cumulative combination of many different roots. Having German roots, Irish roots and English roots, I find genealogy extremely interesting and have spent countless hours researching my family roots. But I don't ever want those hours to overshadow my time studying God's word and spending time with him. Because my roots with him are way more important.

Each time we spend time with God we will become stronger, we will bear greater fruit and persevere. It's when we are not bearing good fruit or have taken steps backward we must be pruned in discipline by God. By following God's word we can produce great fruit in our lives... love, kindness, peace, faithfulness and more. We can remind ourselves we are merely the branches, God is the vine and without him we are nothing. With God we can each grow roots so deep that our branches bloom with beautiful life year round no matter what the season or weather.

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