Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This One Is For The Girls: Sparkle, You Are Loved

“Young Girl Holding Bouquet” by Just2shutter via FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

This is for ~

The little girls who feel alone.

The teenage girls who feel less than.

The single girls.

The married woman.

The widowed.

The girl who doesn't have friends.

The married woman who feels alone.

The abused woman.

The postpartum mom.

The bullied girl.

The girl who is cutting.

The teenager with an eating disorder.

The woman who lacks confidence.

The woman who is a people pleaser.

The teenage girl with depression.

The betrayed woman.

The self doubting mother.

The anxious girl.

The woman who was raped.

The woman who regrets.

The girl who had an abortion.

The teenager addicted to drugs.

The girl who ran away.

The girl without parents.

The woman who fears.

The girl who was molested.

The woman who wants to end it all.

For all of you and so many many more.... know YOU ARE LOVED!

God loves you! 

Believe it, it's true. You are worthy, you are loved by Him!

He sees your struggle and your pain.

He is right there beside you.

Lift your head up high and sparkle!

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commenting and sharing! 

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